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    Reality Shows in Malayalam Television Channels – Boon or Bane? Active GD

    Our Malayalam TV channels are flooded with different reality shows which are being viewed by lakhs of people world wide. Channels are now competent enough to spend as much money to make programs more attractive. Reality shows for music, dance, comedy etc are being conducted at the prime time on different channels. There had been allegation on few shows which are said to be planned behind the screen.

    On this occasion SpiderKerala brings a topic for discussion. Reality Shows in Malayalam Television Channels –Boon of Bane? (good or bad)

    We invite an active GD on this occasion. Members can participate in the GD. Selected members who make this discussion alive will be rewarded.
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    'Reality Show' the name itself means that the show which is going as a reality. But here the discussion is relevant because some such shows are not considered as 'reality' shows; a show performed by participants with a fully planned backstage ideas.

    All television programs, films etc need a full detailed script. But what about reality show? Of course it needs a basic script. As it is a reality show a full planned drama typed script is not good. Then it could not be a reality show; it is only a drama reality show just produced for entertainment.
    Entertainment is one of the objectives of the show. Other than that the purpose of reality shows is to find the best talent and improve the participants' quality in performance.

    Backstage dramas and unhealthy planning must not influence the reality shows. If so, then change the program's name as 'dramatic reality show' or else.

    My opinion - If the show is a 'real' reality show then it is good.

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    Our Malayalam TV channels reality shows part of the programme .Reality shows good righting and make money in the channels.Certainly Audience favourite the reality shows . Talented artist good chance in the reality shows. so it is good.

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    Reality shows in Malayalam Channels have both positive and negative aspects. Now all channels are bringing different types of reality shows and searching for good sponsors for the programme and they are telecasted during the prime time. Such shows have highly reduced the viewers for the mega serial shows. According to my opinion, reality shows are much better than this serial shows. Most of the reality shows are SMS based, this brings the viewers more close to the show.

    Malayalam channels started reality shows after the success of such shows in hindi channels. I think, Amrita T V came up with the first reality show in Malayalam channel. After that all channels started such shows

    People can show their abilities to the public through reality shows and best artists are getting chance to perform in mega events. definitely reality shows are responsible for the growth of many unknown artists. The response from viewers shows that they love reality shows more than other normal T V programmes.


    Ibrahim N

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    Reality shows are both good and bad at the same time. Let us how? The shows are good for the reason, that those interested in the field like the music, dance, acting etc get a platform to perform and show their real talents to the world. In most of the reality shows the judges are good and they guide, correct mistakes through examples. From the beginning they are continuously under the guidance and has the ample opportunity to correct and perfect the art to a great extent. They get the experience of the real situation, like the orchestra support, the joint performances with other artists which are like rehearsal for the actual performances when they come out of the contest and go into the field as professionals. One more point is that most of the houses these programs will be watched intently and the people at large learn many things by watching the programs through the comments of the judges which otherwise would have been not possible in the normal circumstances.

    The bad of it is that they often have to sacrifice their regular studies at least for one year which may make it difficult to pursue further their study. Of course they may be able to compensate the loss by being popular in their field of the art. There are many cases where the artists are better known to the outside world than highly qualified persons. Then the the publicity and acknowledgement from public etc may make them to put on air and loose the character. Some of these may be dangerous as the show of dances where some extremely talented participants may show some difficult performances which if tried by others may be injurious.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Hi friends
    The reality shows are boon for the upcoming stars in the singing field. By the reality shows they got a fame in the society and also they are valued by the judges and the viewers of the show. So that they able to correct there mistakes and can find there future; means that in which type of the songs can they sing more than other modes songs. Most of the singers can sing in films and they get new stage shows and function by only this reality show fame.
    But some times the real performer may out due to the less support in the form of sms, that is not at all fare. But it is a needed evil for the success of the show. The viewers can't judge the performance of the singer they voting under any other condition. So that in the show the real performer may no get sms as compered to his talent,it may break the confidence level of the singer.
    In other hands reality shows are better than T.V Serials. So that reality shows are must be there.

    Jabir Aslam

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    I think that reality shows should be promoted as they are giving a platform for the talented people to show their abilities and express their ideas. The T V ratings are showing that viewers are welcoming such programmes. Now all television reality shows for music, dance, comedy etc with exciting prizes. Most of the times, the contestants achieving this prizes are from the middle class family, which is going to be a huge relief for them.

    But now one channel has stated showing the malayalam translation of a Hindi channel reality show and it is being telecasted all the time in their main channel and sister channel. Such things are not appreciable.


    Ibrahim N

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    Like Ibrahim said reality shows gives a platform to new talents. Many candidates can improve their talents through the training of experts. I got really wondered sometimes when small children do extraordinary performances in dance and music reality shows.
    Reality shows encourage the new talents a lot; public can see their performances through this shows. Usually it's a turning point for candidates.

    Anyways I disagree with the voting system in reality shows. Public should definitely support this talents. But not through sms.


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    Reality shows are good to certain level. There are different types such shows presently telecast by different channels. Duplication of these makes boring.

    Certain are unique, for example the "Mampazham" show in Kairali channel. It really creates an interest in Malayalam poems to the viewers. I have seen this recital of Malayalam poems as an item in several programmes before a public functions. Many get familiarized with the great poets and their works because of this. In this time when all are running after English medium this definitely is boon.

    Unfortunately there are not much to show. Spending money both by the participants and the channel are definitely on the increase for most of the shows.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    @ T M Sankaran
    You are absolutely right. Cat copy makes most of the programmes boring. The best example for such a programme is Just Dance show that is being telecasted in Asianet. Eventhough it is not cut copy paste, it is translated from Hindi and being telecasted in Malayalam.

    But there are many superb exclusive shows which brings more traffic to that channel. But most of the channels are attracting more ads for their programme. One way ads are important for the stability of the programme. But it should be within the limit


    Ibrahim N

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    Reality shows came when the viewers had been fed up of the tearsome soap operas and didnt have another choice. But Reality shows have lost their 'REALITY'. They have started to seem to be pre-planned dramas. Another doubt I have is about the music reality shows. Every show introduce a handful of singers. But, you know, we dont have even that much songs composed in films and all. Without songs, what significance do the singers have ?

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    Reality shows have both good and bad aspects.Now a days most of the malyalam channels have different types of reality shows.For dance,music,mimicry,comic in several aspects tv channel follows reality shows.For first time Amrita tv channel starts a musical reality show namely superstar in 2005.It got a great public support.And then many channels copy that and now Asianet channel continuing their musical reality show in season6 namely Idea star singer season6.Now it is a reality show follow only a business's not good for the artists.I think Amritha channel follow some ethics for reality shows.Any way in some aspects reality shows are good for talented youngsters.They got a good platform to achieve their goals.

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    Regarding the Reality shows, M G Sreekumar, who himself is a judge of a reality show (Idea Star Singer), has revealed some facts. He said the prime beneficiaries of these shows are the channels since their business increases rapidly. Then comes the judges, who get a higher remuneration and an oppurtunity to show their talents and knowledge. Then only come the contestants. They will get the foothold only if they perform as hard as possible. Though we can accept the reality shows, it doesn't seem to be a changemaker in the life of most of the contestants.
    As far as I'm concerned, Vodafone Comedy Stars is the only reality show I watch regularly. It's very nice.

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