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    Do you answer the following Interesting questions?

    1).Kiwi is the name of a bird.It is also the name of a ...............

    2). The only snake that builds nests...............?

    3). The word dinosaur means.............................?
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    Nice questions.. 1) Kiwi is found only New Zealand making the countrymen to be called Kiwis. 2) female King Cobra is the only snake that makes nest. 3) Dinauser means big lizard.

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    Kiwi is the name of a bird.It is also the name of a fruit. Ninja Kiwi is an online flash video game.

    The only snake that builds nests made of rotting vegetation is King Cobra.

    The word dinosaur was coined by Sir Richard Owen.Dinosaur is word made by combining two words. The word deinos in Greek means terrible or fearfully great. The word sauros means lizard. Combining these two words the word Dinosaur is coined to identify the frightful and dangerous lizard as we use the words human, cow, monkey etc to denote a specie. There are several types of dinosaurs with different names.

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