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    Mammotty vs lalettan

    After the continuos floap of 4 movies of the megastar mammoty do you think he is eligible to fight with lalettan.. The indiavision report says the mammoty films have a loss of 15 crores in malayalam box ofice. It is a large amount for such a small movie industury. It is much happy to see our lalettan back in the right path after a small time period...
    He has a handfull of pretty good films. Christian brothers which grossed around 25 crores had been a huge blockbuster. Though chinatown had awfull reports it managed to maintain a steady collection in box office. His third movie of this year had been one of his best films all time. Pranayam was a class movie with a good collection. Snehaveedu was a family entertainer which grossed above 3.5 crores in the first week. Still he have more films with large expectations. The next movie arabiyum ottakavum is a sure hit as there is a minimum guarantee for priyan lal movies. Tez the hindi movie too has good expectations. CASANOVA will be lalettans most big budget movie in his career. It is predicted to be the most stylish malayalam movie.
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    There is no question of who is better than the other and there is no question of any fight. Fights are there when some principles are involved. In the world of no principles there is no need for any fight.

    However as to lalettan and mammotty it can be competition not fight. What for they have to fight? As to the flops or success of films it is a routine matter. Some time back lalettan had many flops when mammotty was having super hits. Now it is the reverse.

    However, I feel that both of them should retire from hero roles and either retire altogether from acting or stick to character roles. Their romances with the grand daughters should stop. Otherwise it will be a kind of obscene type of films.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    As far as I am concerned, these fan wars and all absurd and there is no need of that. Hits and flops are usual in the career. A film worker, whatever his job be, should take in its stride. Both Mammootty and Mohanlal are good actors and pride of Malayalam and Indian cinema. If they have no rivalry between them, why should the so called fans have ? A real film lover will support good films and be sad about bad films, regardless the stars. Whoever responsible of bad films should be criticized but not humiliated. Both Mohanlal and Mammootty do good and bad films. They should be more selective in this. But I don't think they should stick on to character roles. An actor is not one who performs according to his age, but beyond that. The thing is they should look suit to the character.

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    I think the records shown in the post is a bit twisted in favor of Mohanlal. it would be helpful for everyone to remember that Mammootty is the actor who has produced lesser flops than Mohanlal in the film industry.

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    Mammotty was the most successful actor on 2010 and he won the best actor award for the film Pranchiyettan and the saint.Mohanlal had many flops in that year and many considered Mohanlal as the flop actor of the year.

    In 2011 the situation was turned. Mohanlal got some hits while many Mammooty films flopped at the box office. so now everyone considers Mammooty as the flop actor while Mohanlal is dignified.

    The situation keeps on changing and changing. We need to understand that both the actors are superb actors and have produced a lot of hits in these years.

    So let us stop blaming one actor in favour of the other.

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    It is my opinion that Mohanlal is most versatile actor with any type of characters but Mammooty can sparkling in very less type of characters like Police officers, prince, lawyer etc. He is not better suit with comedy characters.

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