Is the release of Balakrishna Pillai justifiable ?

The day before the birthday of Kerala state was immersed in two news. One was the court verdict in Soumya murder case. Other one was the release of K Balakrishna Pillai. We all know that Mr. Balakrishna Pillai had been sentenced for the imprisonment for an year by the Supreme court. That was in too the corruption case. But the facts are that he spent 69 days in jail and he was in parole for 75 days. Apart from this, he also spent many days in hospital with all facilities. It was proved that he also broke the jail laws at hospital, though the ADGP reported it can't be considered because he was in hospital. But as punishment, his term was extended for further four days. That convict, who has been punished for corruption, who was proved to has broken the jail laws, was released on the basis of good manners. That too on the birthday of the state. Do you think this decision by the government is justifiable either legally or ethically ?