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    SpiderKerala rules and policies updated

    Dear Members,
    Aiming to make SpiderKerala more recognized to be a portal which gives updates on latest events and news in Kerala, we are updating the rules to be followed by members while being active in the programs of this site. As you all know, our vision is to make this site reach more heights and with the help of our members are gradually progressing day by day. We are looking for quality contents rather than pumping up posts which are having fewer readers. Before thinking to write an article there are many things to remember like the choice of topic, quality of the content, arrangement of the article etc. Members should build up themselves to a skilled SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert too. As Search Engines are only the tool for a reader to reach the particular destination, they have revised their polices regarding the ranking of articles. In this policy, articles which are having less content are being eventually removed from the search option. So we too are making some slight changes in the policy of posting articles in SPK.

    • Articles submitted should contain minimum 500 words.
    • Articles submitted here should be completely self written. In the recent past we have come across few articles even posted by some of senior members, mixing up contents from other sources. We have tracked those articles. To be frank this act is not good. If the same is done so, the member will not be entitled to get the benefit of various reward programs and we would take strict action too.
    • Do not attempt to write articles which of less news value. While writing an article the key point to bear in mind is the value of news. All articles which comes under the tag 'news' will not get readers. So be wise in choosing a topic.
    • Do not post articles by tracking the readership of a post. We have been watching each and every activity of the members. Do we need more than one post regarding a news? Do we need more than one post regarding an exam result? You think. There had been instances of members using the content of other members to build up another article.
    • Do not confuse the readers by the title. Members have plenty of freedom to choose a topic and present here. But the title should be substantiating the content of the article.
    • Articles should be free from grammatical error. If you are working in other sites of our network may be aware how SPK is different from others. We are spending more time making each article free from error. Articles with simple grammatical error can be considered, but what about the act of an editor being a part changing the article completely. So keep your article clean as you keep your home.
    We appreciate the efforts made by our dear members being active here. Do consider the above words in true spirit for the betterment of our site.
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    Since our site is a money earning activity with good content articles appropriate articles which will be searched by search engines, specially the Google are required. While most of the members are following the rules of the web site, there may be some slips once in a while here and there. This happens mainly because the articles being prepared has to be up to date and a comprehensive one. For this purpose members have to refer to articles available from various sources, collate them and then prepare in their own words.

    Once in a while there may be some slips inadvertently mainly in long articles which cannot be prepared at one stretch. In fact I can say for myself that I have made such mistakes. In the beginning I used to make the mistakes more but now am trying not to repeat the mistakes. One more thing from my point of view is that I am not having much knowledge about the technicalities and HTML tag use. Many times I was not able to understand the terms used for which the article is kept pending. But by and large I was not having much difficulty.

    I fully aware that the web master and the editors have a very tough job. They have to prepare their own articles, they have to go through the articles of the members fully to find out the problems, if any, and they have to do the editing quickly as otherwise the members start posting queries about the delay etc. Their job is very delicate and hard. Inspit of these the webmaster and editors had been patient with the members, at least I can say for myself.

    As to the news worthy topics I feel it will be better if the editors or the web master to keep those articles in the weekly or monthly contests so that there will be competition and good articles may emerge out of the contests.

    All of us will co-operate with you.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    I also agree with what Ramanathan sir have said. As any of us are not professional journalists, I suppose so, we have to depend on other resources. Eventhough having tried much, there may be some slips happened unknowingly, especially in lengthy articles. I'm new here, and I have tried my best to work according to the rules and regulations of SPK, I think. It's difficult to write some articles like movie previews and lyrics etc with much difference from the reference. That may also create some problems. Regarding the multiple articles on same topic, I think if someone has got an additional information about a topic, it can be shared.

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    I think the webmaster have come with the correct point. Our webmaster has very much skill in SEO and any updates from him can increase the reputation of the website. I think that all members have to follow the new rules from our webmaster and make our SpiderKerala a high quality website.
    Forum Editor SPK

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    Hi sir,
    Your newly implemented policy will definitely increase the quality of the website. But writing every article with minimum 500 words is a tough decision. It is very tough to include 500 words in many information related articles. The automatic system only says a minimum of 1,000 characters. It only includes about 100-150 words. Raising 150 to 500 words will cause heavy burden on members. Moreover we will get a very few information for a highly searched article. For example we recently got a good search for "Mazhavil Manorama channel". We don't have much to write on particular article. According to your rule if we want to make the article to 500 words, we even has to write the history of Malayala Manorama newspaper to make it 500 words. Otherwise we will be forced to skip the particular article. When we skip the highly searched article, SPK is going to lose a heavy traffic.

    I think the minimum article length will definitely increase the quality of website. But none of the members here are not a professional journalist. So it is tough to make every article with a minimum length of 500 words. So I kindly request you to reduce the length of the article to about 300 words which may not cause a heavy burden to members.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    The suggestions are welcome. Articles must be precise and should contain the points expected to be conveyed. Grammar and spelling mistakes must be avoided as far as possible. A systematic presentation is always expected. Thank you for the advise.
    Gold Member, SPK

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