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    Santhosh Pandit-The guy you are searching.

    No doubt, kerala is going to see more 'Pandit news' as he is ready to appear in public shows and people are crazy to bring him on the stage.
    One of the strange thing in these technology era is excessive or exaggerated publicity in both positive and negative way.Somehow Santhosh Pandit managed to reach the limelight.
    He became famous in Youtube;not because of his craft but because of the comment(not sure we can call it as a comment!)people put below his video.
    His debute film 'Krishnanum Radhayum'getting a fair collection,though it is released in less number of theatres.
    Are we going to theatre for watching his film or his foolishness? Does his popularity genuine? Does he has any real skills? Do we need to follow him or is it worth writing something about him ?
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    First of all, I would like to point out a mistake you have made that Silsila is by Santhosh Pandit. It is not by him, but Mr. Harisankar.
    Regarding the 'epic' Krishnanum Radhayum, it is still doubtful that whether it is a film or not. A man claims that he made a film handling around 18 sections, and proclaims himself a Superstar. If it was a quality film, things would have been different. But since the appearance of its song in youtube, the people are pumping harsh words to it. A lot of people went to watch it in theatres and celebrated with the film. Actually it's a way of protest against these kind of garbages. Santhosh Pandit may have made money, but what about the ill fame that brought him ? If he learns something from these experiences, it's good. Otherwise, things will only get far worse.

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    Thanks Nikhil for ponting out my mistake.You are right;'silsila' is not from Santhosh Pandit.

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    Santhosh pandit has ventured into an area where many of the malayalees feared to go. He created a wave of change by showing to the newcomers how not to act. Many film schools seems to be taking his film as the example of what can go wrong if the film is not properly planned.

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