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    Petrol price - Government proposes Court disposes?

    The policies and functioning of the UPA -2 Government of late will give an impression that it is helping the BJP led NDA to win in the coming elections. They are not bothered whatever is happening in the country. Absolutely insensitive to the sufferings of the common man. They mishandled the anti corruption movements giving big boost to the agitators to reach the position of National heroes.

    Ever since it came to power, the skeletons of corruptions were tumbling out of their cupboard creating an impression that huge sums are being siphoned off. The food items are rotting, infested with vermin and rodents on the one hand and the prices are sky rocketing making it difficult for the common man to make both ends meet. While this is going on the food minister is playing - A typical Nero fiddling while the Rome is burning. Now the increase in petrol price hike. While the petrol price hike may not affect the common man, as this will affect only the upper class people, the food index going up will make the life of common man miserable.

    An ex MP has filed a case in the high court about the price rise. The court has issued notice to the oil companies to produce accounts. The court i s to hear the contentions and give its order - Government proposes,court disposes. The petition filed by the ex MP is in bad taste. He was an MP from the parliamentary system. Now he is questioning the executive action through judiciary. Does he not belonging to a political party? Doe he have no faith in that party's fight?
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    The UPA Government is testing the patience of the common people. The Prime Minister with out a 'magic wand' fails to know the corruption happening around him. He should show the willpower to control the ministry. The food minister is more interested in Cricket rather than his responsibility to the country. I think it is good that the former MP has come forward against the petrol price hike regardless his political leanings. But he should have made his opinion in the Party or express his difference to the party ideas.

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    In my opinion in the increase of cost of dollar then the price of the petrol also began to increase in order to get oil companies more profit they have to increase the price of the petrol also.

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    It becomes an usual practice for the oil companies to increase the petrol price..
    They are not considering the condition of normal men..
    Funniest thing is that Government is not considering this subject at all..

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