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    Where is Malayalees moral values?

    Nowadays there are many news regarding deaths, murders , suicide etc in our Kerala state. I am very much doubtful about the moral and ethical value of Malayalees that is it is decreasing day - by-day. People are now more selfish and may not care others or others life or emotions. Road accidents are very common nowadays. Whether there is not any control in speed of vehicles or do people care while driving?
    Murders are the most pathetic one like husband killed wife or father was killed by son etc. Also there is incidents like the victims are hospitalized.
    Why suicide rate increases in Kerala? Proper campaigning is necessary for people to build- up a courage mind for facing every problems.

    All of these are showing that Malayalees moral values are going down. Maybe no one cares even these kinds of news. But be aware because nobody is prevented from these kinds of tragedy.
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    It is true that the standards or the value of life has come down. We get influenced by others' culture half way getting neither here nor there. Another factor is the value given to making money. Since money is everything for the sake of becoming rich fast we can go to any level. One more factor is fame and hero worship. For fame also people go to any extent.

    But it is not only in Kerala and Malayalees who are affected. If we take the news items of any state in India the same condition prevails. In fact in the Northern States the condition is the worst. In the name for cast people kill young budding lives. What about the abortions when the scan shows female child.

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    Daily News papers come out with reports of immoral acts. Channels also splash such news regularly. People are so much after money. Any action to make money has been accepted by majority. There are no models among the leaders to copy. They are so corrupt. Also many are accused of having involved in immoral acts. So each one behave as they please.

    Even the education is becoming self centered. Social commitments and social values are not created among the students. Malpractices start from the stage of admissions to schools and colleges. Commercialization of education is the trend of the day. Cut throat competition prevails all over the society. Every individual just think about him/her and his/her family. Any hurdle on the way will be removed so that the selfish aim is attained, that is the rule of the day!

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    I wish to supplement my comments in the above posting.
    Deaths, murders, suicide, etc. are increasing, as noted in the posting. At the same time, there is another aspect which we should not forget. Kerala stands in the top position as far as literacy is concerned. Also the State is having a wide net work of print and visual media. Any happening in any part of the State will be reported by one or other news paper. There is very strong competition taking place among the media.
    So any small information available from any corner of the State immediately finds some place in some of the news papers/channels.

    Earlier several such incidences were not reported because of the non- accessibility of the media. This also has helped to create a feeling that more such deaths, etc. are taking place.

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