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    Why the court could not punish all Govindachamis?

    Soumya murder case verdict is quite appreciable. But, we have to think that, is this the first rape and murder case in a Kerala court? Govindachami is sentenced with the maximum, only because there were eyewitnesses and all were common people as well. What happened to the other girls who suffered the same as Soumya? Govindachami is not the first one who appears infront of us after such a crime, he is the just a representation of our handicapped society. No one could have think that there would be advocates who weight in lacs for Govindachami. But the verdict is giving some expectation for the light of justice to public. And we have to appreciate all the witnesses who came to the court themselves. because, they put their contribution to defeat the power of money that makes any criminal to escape.
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    The courts go on the basis of the presentations of the case, the evidences of the witnesses and other evidence available in the court. This system is so because there is a say in legal parlance to the effect that even if 1000 criminals escape, not even one Innocent be punished. What you have said is absolutely true. There are hundreds of Govindachamis at large in the society. In these cases either there may be no evidence or witness to testify. Hence no action taken. In many cases the victim or family members will not come forward to book the culprits as it will have adverse effect on the life of the victim.
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    You are correct Mr.Ramanathan. But, I think, the evidence and witness are there always. But, they wont be there in the court . We have a victim for this. A girl with the same faith of soumya, who died before years. Our medias enjoyed the news that, some VIPs visited her at the hospital, then she started violent out of fear and died soon. But, the hospital authority promises they could not track that persons. Its just the power to do the crimes. Anyway, as you said we can feel proud that, even that 1000 might have escaped, here the punished one is a cancerous cell in this society.

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    Punishing a person who is proven to have committed the crime as per the evidences produced before the court, is actually amounting to having punished all who have committed such crimes.

    The Court cannot get the details about all such incidences. However the Government machinery and the people should see that such incidences are brought before the Court so that all deserving cases get punished. The case and the verdict of the Court must be an eye opener for all such misbehaving people.

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