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    Ill mannered politics in Kerala

    Nowadays politics in Kerala going vulgar than before. Major party leaders fight each other with their tongue. Do you think it is good for Kerala? Isn't it shame for us?
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    Only thing that can be said regarding this subject is they and people should be able to control themselves. Leaders are raised from the people, if the people can't show patience, how can we expect it from the leaders ?

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    It is actually very bad attitude from political leaders, They always try to make sensational news to medias. Government should take it as serious issue.

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    It is a very bad thing whether it is by the public or the politicians. It exposes our level of culture. To a great extent we are responsible for the level of the leaders. When they come for votes, without verifying their antecedents we vote on emotional basis. We should try to know about the contestants, assess them, compare them with the other candidates and vote for the better one so that all the useless ones are eliminated. If we exercise this over a period of time no useless candidates will be sponsored by any party.

    We (throughout India)should also make it a point to see that the independent candidates and candidates of regional parties are not only defeated but lose their deposit continuously so that the opportunism indiscipline will be eliminated and there will be only 2 or 3 National parties.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    You call this politics? So called representatives of the people, not all, should not be allowed to see the Assembly next time. Even the uneducated or uncultured (of course, they have changed a lot these days, they are more cultured)market people will behave in a better manner and use better language ?
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