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    How to get Cash Rewards

    I am new comer in SPK. How can I get cash rewards from SPK? Only gold members will get it? I have posted many posts and have written an article. But I got only points, no cash rewards. Why is it so?
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    Hi Krishnankanth,
    I think you are concentrating in forum section. To get cash credits you post articles in Resource section . According your quality of articles you will earn good revenue from here. I think you post only one articles named "Deteriorating Politics in Kerala". It will review within two days and you will get some points and cash credits based on your article. Once again, Keep post in Resource section and earn more revenue from here.
    Best wishes.


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    Cash rewards for articles are 2 kinds. One is the regular cash points for the articles depending on the topic's importance, the content and etc. In the articles section you will find several topic groups. You can select the ones and under these you can have articles posted. If you prepare the article properly without copying form other sources in the web you can expect from a minimum of Rs 10 to about Rs 100/-.

    The other types are contests announced like member of the month, member of the week or members of the day etc where the web master or the editors will be suggesting topics. There may be restrictions that minimum number f article and minimum total marks to be obtained to be elegible for the contest. If you go through the announcements everyday you will come accross the topis for the contest. you can participate and write article. Another contest is on specific topic. Go though the announcement about the contest and prepare the article/s. You can participate in this also.

    The awards for the quality and not according to the ranks of members. As Mr M Krishnakanth is new member it will be better to go through the following pages: Member FAQ | Forums | Earn Revenue | Posting Guidelines which you will find at the top left hand side below the emblem. Then go through some of the articles. For this you just press the At the top you will find the point and the cash amount for the articles. You select some of the articles with higher points and amounts and try to note the style or the topics and contents so that it will be helpful for you to get an idea of what is expected for reward. For this you press the "Articles" button. Around the middle of the page you will find the headings of article with the author member's name and date. Open go through article with points 30 or more.

    Hearty Welcome to spiderkerala,net and good luck.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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