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    Kerala Tourism - well promoted or not ....!!!

    When we look for a holiday stop what is the first think that comes to our mind....??? Well for some of us its a warm place to get away from our cold country and for some its the heat that drives us to take a holiday in some place that is cool and beautiful. Now, a place which offers you both the hot and cold climate in the same state. Yes i am talking about our very own "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY". a unique feature of Kerala alone to have places of different climatic conditions within the same state. we have hot and warm places with beautiful beaches like Kovolam and Cheri etc to get a good tan . And for people who are looking for a place to cool of we have the very beautiful Munnar and Wayanad to enjoy a cool wind and foggy mornings.

    So the our very beautiful state is a perfect destination for any category of tourist. We can also say that we are getting tourist to come over but is it as per the wealth of the places beauty. I would say no. The main reason is it is not well promoted. The place despite being under promoted is flooded with tourist from western countries but imagine the condition would be if our very brilliant Malayalee youth use their brain and bring up a wonderful strategy to create and promote a beautiful Kerala tourism package that would serve as a magnet to pull people from all over the world to Kerala. Thus would help the Government of Kerala to generate income and employment. So the state and itself is providing enough and many resources to get over the problem of poverty and lack of funds. Though the current situation is that it is not being properly used. We as the next generation who has immense access over the internet and other communication sources have to promote our tourism for our sake and our countries sake. Also, the Government of Kerala should take measures to promote all the different kinds of tourism activities whether it would be medical tourism, whether it would be wildlife or adventure. Our state is a one stop destination for all this we have resources that can entice any type of tourist irrespective of from where they are from. Therefore a small step can give a huge result..
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    Kerala Government have a well knit chain of Tourism promotion activities, as far as I understand. There is Kerala Tourism Promotion Council at the State level. District level Tourism Promotion agencies also function. These agencies have got all details about the destinations suited to the clients. They will arrange transportation also. Perhaps all details can be obtained from their web sites.

    Additionally for promoting tourism Government organizes seasonal festivals such as Onam festivals, Pooram festivals, etc.

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    Respected T.M.Sankaran sir,
    I agree with you that the Government is taking steps to promote . My question is very simply, is it adequate ??? Will it be sufficient to create numerous councils and agencies and just keep them as a decoration item in the list of agencies under then Government Offices list ..??
    Sir , ours is a beautiful place but if you take the trouble of walking around any one district and if u can point out one neat road or one undamaged pavement on which a person can walk without having the fear of falling into a hole or a some waste accumulated so I believe it is just not enough to organise some festivals which comes once in a while when u can project the scenic beauty of Kerala all around the year....
    another thing is i believe that we ourselves can make small changes .. simple things like not tossing waste on the roads and pavements ... Using public toilets than doing things publicly.. after all we are talking about our motherland...

    So finally its only the Government to blame .. the public are equally responsible. therefore we have to strive together to achieve the real dream of GODS OWN COUNTRY...

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