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    Plastic burning getting spread

    A recent Order issued by the High Court of Kerala had directed the Government to get hold of the people who throw plastic kits with waste in it and punish with fine and even imprisonment. Police started taking action in this direction. So the people have changed their approach. They just burn the kit with the plastic. This burning of plastic produce noxious fumes which are not at all healthy. So another health problem as a result of an Order !
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    We the citizens of India with no exception of any state have a peculiar civic sense. We want our homes to be clean, but do not mind throwing our rubbish to the neighbors' compounds if it is possible. If not possible there is the public place, the road outside our houses. If we are restrained from doing this because of some punishment, then we will find out some other way of doing things to avoid the penalty. The plastic waste is just an example of this attitude.

    It is a part of our culture though our culture was the best one in the world and the world is trying to adopt the same. Wee can find people sitting in buses spitting outside without bothering to see whether there is anybody outside the bus on whom the spit may fall. Any public place we can find the gentlemen easing themselves out on the compound wall or tree on the road side, though the ladies may frequent the place. We have no feeling of the society or others.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    You are hundred percent right, Sir.It has become the culture of us. Individually everybody pretends to be neat and clean. But as a social being nobody knows how to live in this country.Pity on us !
    Gold Member, SPK

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