We should pray for Jagathy Sreekumar

Our favorite comedy actor Jagathy Sreekumar was admitted to MMSH hospital on March 10, after a road accident, doctors said that his condition is stable and he underwent an emergency surgery after the accident.

With out Jagathy Sreekumar we cannot imagine Malayalam films, for the past years lot of new faces made some hits in comedy, but they have their own limitations in comedy. But Jagathy Sreekumar does not have any limitations in comedy and he has his own style and dot not imitating others. I think after Adoor Bhasi he is the only evergreen comedy artist in Malayalam film industry.

After the accident, all Malayalies are seeking the news about his condition regularly. In this situation we feel our love to him. For Malayalaies more than an actor he is also a family member. We need to pray for him.