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    Few suggestion to make SPK alive

    I have few suggestion to make this site as busy like Indiastudychannel. The first one is, there should be regular keyword based resource contest. This will increase to get more article on the topic. Thus help to increase the traffic of spider kerala. The second one is provide siterevenue in each month for the active members. This will increase the active participation of members in this site. In my experience with ISC, I have try to maintain a place in top 20 in every month to get site revenue. Now my companions are also follow the same. So I am sure if there is any award like site revenue in this site, must increase the active participation in this site. Next there should be a guideline about current payment program in SPK. This will help to get the detail about current payment program in SPK for new members. Next there should be a guideline to describe about the active sections in this site. When I go through the site, able to see only 3 sections are available to post, they are forum, practice test, and article. I dont know whether any other section available to post. I dont see any editor in this site except the webmaster Biju sir. I hope there should be an editor, who is active in this site. That will help to clear the doubts of new members instantly. I like to work as an editor, but I am new member to this site. So may not be eligible to that post. But there should be other senior members of this site who are likely to be editor. There should be a member of the week award, member of the month award, to encourage the active participation of new members in this site. I hope I can make this site alive. I have invited some good members to this site. They also performed well on ISC. So atleast some of the attracting programs should be there in this site to attract the people. And provide the details of that programs in the front of forum section. These are the suggestion that felt in my mind. I am not sure about the difficulty of implementing this. Anyhow, hope some attracting feature in this site. Then I will surely shift my active work from ISC to this site. Not only me but also my friends too.
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    You are correct.Iam agree to your words.Many times,I can see problems in the site that Indicate the lack of webmasters.For an example,we can see our alerts after we attend It.It can't work as a mail system.
    We can see an another problem that the new post to the forum not come first.For an example,an article about our late kerala's governer moh farooq.This is must be cleared.nearly SPK announced that 'we have 10,000 members'.Clearly we can say that one or two person can't observe and edit forums.List of forums indicate it.Remember forum is only a part of SPK.I would like to suggest that add a webmaster to block this problem.please don't feel a negative manner.
    With regards,
    Muhammed hamras k
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    Hai, don't feel bad for correcting your writing. Always use Capital I instead of small i. Start sentence with capital letter. Provide a space after the punctuation. Keep this on your mind for future post.

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    We are excited to have such a good member like you who can post articles according to the need of the site. We have noted your valuable suggestions. The revenue share was stopped in the site to give more preference to award programs like Member of the Month, Member of the Week and even Member of the Day. But later we discontinued these programs for various reasons.

    If we are getting more active members who can stick to the site more actively, we can rethink about the award programs. The fact is that very less members know the benefit if posting here with good SEO skills. We think you are on the right track with some articles which was the needed for the site. Soon we will be providing you some topics by which you can post articles which are right needed for the site.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    shafeer,Thankyou for your corrections.I would like to suggest you few can enhance your writting performence by using tags.
    with regards,Muhammed hamras k

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    Hai Mr shafeer,
    All your guidelines and suggestiones mentioned in your forum are

    scientific and user friendly.I am not eminent in this matter moreover,

    i entered in SPK once in a week because of my work nature.

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    @ Muhammad
    Don't put html tags in forum response unnecessarily.


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