How to improve the popularity of the website Spider Kerala among people?

Spider Kerala is one of the best knowledge and information sharing sites among various websites in our country. The key feature of the spider Kerala is that, it provides a medium for collecting and sharing the ideas. This site includes various articles and reviews on films and various issues. Moreover this site provides money to the contributions of members.
Hence it is very important to improve the popularity of such a good website among public. Various steps can be taken to improve the performance and popularity of spider Kerala. These are,

1. The members can provide the articles on very popular issues. This will highlight the website on the top of search engines.

2. Members can follow various SEO techniques on articles for better ranking of website.

3. The editors can conduct various contests and competitions on film reviews or so.

4. The website can include various games for entertainment for the members. This will attract the younger people towards spider Kerala.