Need of contest in Spider Kerala

I here by raise this thread to discuss about need of contest in Spider kerala. I have invited lot of friends to this site who have experience with the mother site India study channel. But most of them not get interested to retain in this site because of unavailability of the contest and reward programs. Truly saying, I too feel very much disappointed about non availability of any contest or reward programs. I have always tried to reach within top 20 of the members in India study channel to gain the site revenue. But in this site no such contest are available. I am giving lot of contribution to this site. I know this site provide me more credit compared to India study channel. But here sections to earn credits are limited. This month I shifted my work in to this site and earn Rs 657 so far by contribution to mainly to resource section. I have reduced my active participation in India study channel to work in this site. But as a normal people I too want more benefit from this site to stick with this site. That is why I again and again demand the contest in this site. This will not only encourages me but also to attract more and more members to this site and contributed more. I have read that lot of contest and award programs are available in this site in past. But no such things are seen after my entry. My friends are feel lazy to active in this site due to less benefit from this site. I am sure the higher credits to resource is may not up to the level to attract more people to this site. There should be any contest or award program available to encourages the work of the fellow members in to this site. I request webmaster to re build such contest and award program to earn more and more members to this site.