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    How to become a successful content writer in SPiderKerala

    Dear Members,

    We specially congratulate you all for your active participation in SPiderKerala. We are glad to say that SPiderKerala is one of the active web portal which is running successfully with around 7-8 lakhs page views each month. We are trying our best to reach the words of SPK to more regions with a bunch of excellent articles related to Kerala. From the feedbacks that we are getting from our readers make us to move forward keeping our head erect. As you all know we are running the site for mutual benefit, there are quite few members who are making out the best from their articles in SPK through adsense revenue. We are on the move to reach our articles to more readers who are much active in social networking sites.

    Meanwhile let us give some fruitful suggestions to our members who want to get the maximum benefit of being in SPiderKerala. To become a successful content writer, members have to follow some tips which can attract more visitors to your article.
    • Article should be rich in content
    • Learning Search Engine Optimization Tricks
    • Using social networking sites

    According to the google panda updates, articles with less content will be omitted from the search options. As you know around 99% of the searches are directed through search engines, the content should be lengthy enough to engage the readers. Even after several alerts few of our members are posting articles with less content which really brings a bad remark to the site. So the length of the article should be rich in content which enable the readers to visit the site again and again.

    The selection of topics is much important as the member should keep in mind of the long run of the future of the article. (If you are in need of topics we can provide it).

    Social media networking sites play a vital role in bringing traffic to articles. Here is an example. An article in SpiderKerala which was posted on 10th May 2012 at 2 PM went viral over facebook bringing more traffic to the post. The article was taken over by the official fans page of Allu Arjun and was shared before the fans who were much curious to read the article. Attractive title, rich content and an article which cannot keep them away from reading was the main reason for its success. Till now the article has got around 267 likes and still keep on fetching more readers.

    So the best thing to be a successful content writer, we have to keep on adding more content to the article taking time to do research on the topic. We have learned from one of our member that, the time to make research on a topic is double the time taken for writing an article.

    We had to face hardship while reviewing each post due to the lack of proper language from the part of few members. Few articles are like in the mode of forum posts adding salutations to 'our dear super star', 'our favourite hero', such and such.

    Just remember to act as a mature writer who can give the best to the readers.

    Your feedback and suggestions are needed.
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    It was really nice to hear about the big page view of SpiderKerala. I am proud to active in this site. I think this site need much more content writers too. I have seen that recent days members of our site is not much participate regularly. As you say members got lot of adsense revenue from this site, but most of them are inactive in these days. There are members in this site, who doesn't have Google adsense account including me. The credit gets from this site is only benefit for them. So try to provide additional cash credit or extra cash credit for those from the revenue gets from their article. What I meant is that, I think SPK gets revenue from the click obtained for the article along with author. So administrator can figure out the revenue they got from which url. If the article get many page views and click, provide extra cash credit for the same article after analyze. I know it is difficult to make applicable. Any how I make it as just suggestion.
    About content writing, there should be great research before write an article. Then only we can write it in better way and impress the readers. If you write an article about a film preview, try to provide the theme of the film in the article. A reader looks for the story more than that of crew and cast. But it doesn't implies that there is no need of cast and crew details. It is important to write more content in the article. We are able to get more content only after the research. So try to make a good research before posting. As the webmaster says article with less content give negative impression. Even you used good SEO tips and make article in high rank in search list, the less content rise a black mark in the mind of reader. You can get lot of contents from the online itself, but what you have to do is good research. You can use social networking site well for sharing your article into lot of people. The peoples like to share the article only if it contains relevant content. For a content writing, the major requirement is that should contain relevant content in the article. The next is using good language. I am not a perfect in using the language, anyhow I have tried my level best to free from the errors. To rectify small errors, just read your article once, after complete it, you can feel the errors by your own, and able to rectify it. As like, compare your article with other experienced writers, this will give more ideas and also words for writing and to grasp the mode of writing.


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    Dear Biju Cherian,
    Though the contents of your posting had appeared earlier, it is welcomed again. One major aspect I notice in the postings is the language. Many writers are not cautious about the grammar. Just go through the postings, you can see this type of mistakes, often repeatedly appearing.
    I feel that every writer should go through their draft before posting the same, so that major mistakes could be avoided.
    The themes of articles must not be simply a repetition of another article. Try to include something new by way of updating information.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    This is an interesting article it will help new members and non active members to know about how to be active and use this site.

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    hi Biju sir,
    It is really a motivating forum thread for newbies like me. I really do appreciate the mentality of the webmaster and the editors to awake the inborn talents in each and every member of this prestigious site. I really thank jose sir for guiding us through the right path.


    "What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers."

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