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    Why are you in Spider Kerala?

    Welcome to Spider Kerala. Most of you came to this site by getting knowledge from online. But you may not aware much about this site. You may simply join or you may see this site as an advertising portal. Actually this is a site which deals with the current affairs of Kerala. Which will consist of hot news about political, film, channels, festivals, and other issues mainly related to Kerala.

    1. You may enter to this site by seeing free practice test for various PSC exams, Yes, this site provide the facility of free practice test for the members.

    2. You may enter to this site by reading any article of this site, from your search on internet. You can see various articles which are deals with different topics here.

    3. You may enter to the site by hearing about it from your friends or relatives.

    Do you know earning opportunities of this site? May be yes, but most of the members are unaware about the earning opportunities of this site. I have seen that most of the members are joined and not worked in this site. What I can say you that, you are wasting your time of make some genuine money from online. Here you can earn moderately good amount by your own contributions. This site is work on providing mutual benefits. You may think how this happen? Mutual benefits means when you are writing on this site, which will provide more traffic for this site, and hence to get more advertisements for this site, as like a TV channel gets, At the same time this site provide cash credit for your valuable contribution, so you can too avail the benefit.

    So you want earn some money from this site? Am I right? But again you have doubt is it genuine? I am not a part of the administration of this site. But I have more than 6 months experience with this site and its sister sites. From that I can says that this is a genuine online revenue sharing site, because I have received payment several time from these network. Ok, I will come to the point,

    how can earn money from this site?

    1. The first one is writing articles related to Kerala. You can write any topic related to Kerala in this site, but one thing should keep in your mind that, the writing should be your own and not a copied from any source.

    How to write article?

    The first thing is that selection of topic, you should select hot topic to write article, this will fetch you more cash credit. For example if a result of public exam announced today, so hot topic is the announcement of the result, so you should write the detailed descriptions about the result. Try to add some point as your analyze about the result. Where should you write article?

    Click on the tab articles-> Click on post resource-> agree the terms and condition-> Choose the category-> Choose sub category-> write the heading of your article->Write a brief description about the article on the column summary-> Write the article on the description page-> Add some tags to your article-> Submit your article.

    If you want to add image to your article click on the box I want to add some attachment to the article on below of the page before you click submit the article. This will bring you to a new window -> Click on the add new attachment->There is an option to browse image-> Give name for the image-> submit the image-> Then you will get a url of the uploaded image-> Copy that link and take edit then place the link in appropriate place of your article.
    The article you posted will verify by the editor or webmaster. After reviewing your article, will allot you cash credits and points.

    2. You can see that another section forum. What is the use of forum section? Here you can interact with other members about specific topic. You can see in TV channel so many discussions are conducted about hot topics, you can share your view on specific topic on this section. The other use of this section is that, you can interact with members of this site, and ask any query related to this site, and doubts regarding posting. I recommend you to be active in forum section; this will help you to know more about this site, and also to increase your communication skills.

    So, don't waste your time, use it intelligently. If you have any doubt please ask me? I will clarify it within the limit of my knowledge. One think, I have noticed that so many members are joined this site and post forum just for promoting their site. This is not allowed, you should post relevant topic that related to Kerala in forum section. I hope active participation of all the members who are joined in this site. Don't go from this site, without knowing the beneficial of this site. If you have any doubt feel free to ask me through this forum, I am always here to help you.
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    I am here to learn and earn at the same time. It is my habit to visit various sites to see how the site can affect me positively academically.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I am here in spiderkerala because i love to spend my free time to learn and share some informations. I finds this more interesting than other social networking sites. I am not here only to earn but mainly to learn. Hope every members are enjoying here.

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    I am here in spiderkerala to earn money and to share my small and limited knowledge. I am a person who likes to share my knowledge with others so am taking this opportunity to share my knowledge and my views with the world. i feel lucky to be a part of this website.

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    I came to Spderkerala through 'India study channel', a sister site. Perhaps ISC was the first to start, only later SPK came into being. I was an active member of ISC when this SPK was started and the Web Master invited me (and others)to this new site. I was happy to be a part of this site since it is the one related to Kerala, more.

    I could contribute certain resource articles and could also participate in group discussions.Naturally I could understand several things from the postings of other contributors. It is a gain indeed. Perhaps that is the more attractive part of it.
    I find that not many varieties are there in the resources. Film and recipe are the repeatedly appearing topics. Hope a little more topics are covered in the postings in future.

    Gold Member, SPK

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