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    The importance to maintain our lakes and canals

    Dear Valued Readers,

    Since I am doing personally a lot of time consuming hard work to keep my premises and canals in its beauty, i feel i have the right to write on the above topic.

    One who has travelled to the North and to other countries will agree that the term "God's Own Country " is apt to Kerala.

    But majority of the people who got the blessing to live in this part of the Earth is least bothered (share their part to )maintain the beauty of this state.
    If people do not throw plastics and non degradable materials to our canals and lakes ,which itself will be of a great help to ensure the water flow of the canals and lakes
    without any hindrence.Each person OR family who live next to the canals and lakes adhere to the above lines will be of great help in this regard.

    I want to share with the authorities the problems in handing over the plastic waste.As I mentioned in the begining lines and early articles, for the last three and half years myself and my family is putting considerable effort to keep the home premises, our road which leading from the main road to our house plus the canals inside and out side our house areas we are putting hard efforts to bring back to their olden days charm.Our nearest municipality is Cherthala, I checked several times and understand , there is no area under the Municipality to place the plastic waste which we collect from our three houses, nearby road side and inside and surrounding canal sides.

    My appeal to the authorities is, kindly secure a place immediately and intimate the people so that all can dumb the plastic waste at this particular place.

    Another request is kindly sanction any bridge construction by ensuring the movement of at least a transporting barge (olden times kettuvallam)thru it.(i mean the height of the bridge must be sufficient for the vallam to pass thru)

    Other wise, all our beautiful natural waterways will become a memory.

    For your kind information, we are cleaning the canals and also planting "mangrove trees (Kandal) on the banks of canals at our Ambady Home @ Kalavamkodam village-Cherthala.

    The latest studies disclose that, the presence of mangrove trees will keep the mosquitoes away .

    Much earlier, it is identified that, the mangrove trees got the power to avoid soil erosion also the water will be cooler and the presence of fishes will be more under the mangrove forest.

    Hope to be useful to our readers.

    Ambady Home
    Kalavamkodam Village
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    The picture is from Ambady Home at Kalavamkodam Village.

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    Dear Shafeer,

    Many thanks for your comments.kindly note, infact I have registered with Spider Kerala as an active member, but last two days onwards, i am unable to re-enter to the site .I have written to the webmaster in this regard.Hopefully the problem will get sorted out soon.
    Once again thanks for ack the reading of the message which posted today from my end

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    Congratulations of the good post on a good subject. It is also heartening to note that there are some few individuals like you still interested in maintaining the environments clean. I feel there may be some place buying the used items of paper plastics etc. These people collect and send for recycling. Growing mangrove trees will definitely help soil erosion. It may also help the fish to thrive. The fish in turn will eat the mosquito larvae and reduce the mosquito menace. Besides the clearance of the debris will add to the beauty of the area. Congratulations and best wishes for your efforts.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Super topic and good information. I think if you wrote this information as a resource then it will be even better than forum.

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