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    Is it necessary to improve the standard of education in government schools of Kerala ?

    The Kerala is a small state having more than three crores of people. This shows that, the density of pupation in Kerala is quite high. Then also the literacy rate of Kerala is in the top. In Kerala the literacy percentage is more than 90. This is only because of the efforts taken by our governments in the past years for establishing more number of schools in Kerala.
    But, for the past 10 years when we take the educational standard of our students in government schools, we can see that there is no much improvement taken place. I am not telling that the standard of education is decreased in Kerala, but there is no much increase took place in the standard of education. Hence the Kerala government should take new measures and new ideas to increase the educational standard of students in Kerala government schools. The primary requirements like good class rooms and smooth atmosphere is not getting in most of government schools in Kerala. At the same time most of the students are depending on state government schools. So it is very necessary for a change in the field of education
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    Hi sanoop,
    I don't really think that the standard of education in the government schools are that much miserable. The educational system in the government schools have changed a lot in the recent few years. Now the standard of education of government schools are very much similar to that of other private institutions. The government have taken much initiative to bring out proper infrastructure and facilities for the children. The parents teachers associations can play a major role in moulding the future of a student. Now a days, they functions effectively in government schools too. If we check out the performance of students in public exams, we can surely see a lot of students of government schools in the top positions.


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    Hi Goku,
    I am not telling that the standard of education in government schools are miserable. but there is no much improvement is taking place. It is not possible neglect the poor conditions of state government schools in Kerala. Most of the gov.t schools doesn't have at least a good toilet facility, not a good class room. because of these reasons the number of students taking admissions to government schools are reduced by more than 20 percentage.

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    The point of view is good. We are not at all bad in education. But the world is going fast and discovering of new technology and the new generations living standard as per that the next generation need a better education facilities than the back. I think it may help the development of the kerala as well as the India.
    This is a good thread to discuss about kerala's education.
    I think smart class and educomp classes are to be developed. And more computer facilities are to be developed more than the earlier.

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    Hi Sanoop,
    Your doubt about the Kerala educational system is right. But our educational system was developed very well during recent period. Kerala has good quantity of education, but quality of education is very poor in our state. Actually our educational system is one of the advanced one. That is why our territory sector is developed very well without the development of primary and secondary sector. Due to this our economic and educational systems are like an inverted triangle. Which has very good view from the top, but it has no such a good basement. In above sentence I used a word 'quantity'. Which means that our state has number institutions for number of courses but most of these are has very poor quality, which is why I used the word 'quality'. Our educational system need to improve from the bottom section. We have to utilize all opportunities that are in front of us.

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    The need of education is a very important factor for the development of our state. But the education which our government provided to the students is not at all a standard one. So it is necessary to improve the educational system of our state.

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    Today our education system is the best system in India.

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    Rinjo you are correct. The educational system is now better than earlier. But, still we have to improve in educational field.The main development should be take place in government schools of our state.

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