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    Google adsense revenue sharing program in SpiderKerala.Net

    What is Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program?

    Google allows websites to display advertisements on the pages as you see advertisements in newspapers and television. The revenue generated while clicking these advertisements is given to the websites. In adsense revenue sharing program the revenue generated is shared between the contributor of the content (from where revenue is generated) and the website.

    Google adsense revenue sharing in SpiderKerala.Net

    SpiderKerala.Net is one of the websites participating in Google adsense revenue sharing program. Here the 90% of the revenue generated is shared with the members. The revenue is only shared with the member who contributed the content from which revenue is generated.

    You can read more about Google adsense revenue sharing in and making money in SpiderKerala.Net from these links:New Member FAQ and How much money I can make from SpiderKerala.NET ?

    How to join Google adsense revenue sharing program in SpiderKerala.Net?

    If you don't have a Google adsense account you can create a new account and associate it with SpiderKerala.Net. Before joining adsense revenue sharing program make sure that you have posted enough quality contents to satisfy Google. Now a days Google is strict in approving adsense accounts. So you should be at least a Gold member in SpiderKerala.Net before applying for adsense revenue sharing program.

    If you already have an adsense account you can configure it using the option 'Manage Adsense Account' in the Manage account page shown after you log in to SpiderKerala.Net.

    How to get more revenue from Google Adsense revenue sharing program?

    For getting good revenue from Google adsense program you should post quality resources which are search engine friendly.

    Here are some of the tips for optimizing your resource for search engines:

    1) Use proper title for articles which are usually searched in Google.
    For example: If you are writing an article about any 'recipe' make sure that the title of the article also has word 'recipe' because most of us will use the term 'recipe' if we are searching for the recipe of an item.

    2) Use proper keywords in your article. For example while writing an article about 'resorts in Kerala' you should try to include keywords like resorts in Kerala, beach resorts in Kerala etc. This will give more search engine traffic to your article. You can find most searched keywords using this tool:Google Keyword Tool

    3) You can use h2 and h3 html tags for highlighting the titles and you can make keywords 'bold'. But don't use them more than 2-3 times in the same resource.

    4) If possible add a suitable picture (which is not copy write protected) with your article as attachment and give suitable search engine friendly title as said in above cases. This will give traffic to your posts from image searches.

    You will get more information about Google Adsense Revenue Sharing from here: Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program
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    Can we have adsense for search in spiderkeral.Net.?
    If yes, how it works?

    Lijin T

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    Hi Lijin,
    You will be getting 90% of adsense revenue from your posts in all ways of adsense supported by SpiderKerala.Net. You will get it activated after associating your adsense account with SpiderKerala.Net.
    In adsense for search, the website owners can place a search box in there website and ads will be placed in the search results page.


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