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    Child marriage still prevailing in kerala?

    Its really a shocking news to know that child marriage still prevails in Kerala even after the child marriage act 2006. It was reported recently of a thirteen year old girl's marriage which was stopped by the locals and the police, at Kollam. The girl was studying in 9th grade. Later parents of both the parties were called and advised not to do again. Kudos to those police officers who did such a great job.
    Shouldn't we respond to such situations? This is just a case which the world has known just because of the girl's luck. How much unknown cases will be going on in Kerala without anyone knowing?
    Lets have an active GD on this topic.
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    Thanks for bringing such a good topic for discussion.
    This is really an intolerable method. Most of the parents of girls are thinking they are a liability for them. Because it require much amount of money to complete a marriage. Mainly they have to give much money and gold as dowry for the girl. In the situation of raising the cost of Gold, they may think that it's better to make marriage before the gold price or the cost of marriage increased more. One of the sad matter is that, this system mainly occur in our Muslim community. Islam do not say any where about giving dowry. Islam has only demand 'Mahar' which is given by the husband to wife, not by wife to husband. The dowry system has brought by modern society. It is our liability to sweep out the dowry system from society. We all have to take a decision do not demand dowry in case of boys and will not marry a man who demand dowry in case girls. The dowry system is the main reason behind the child marriage. Parents of these child have forgotten they are also their child like boys. They have also all the rights to study and live like boys. In present scenario, society has given equal place for both man and women, so differentiating by the sex is not at all good and we have to oppose against it. We have the responsibility to bar the child marriage as a citizen.


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    Hi shadia,

    It is really a shocking news. Eventhough the child marriage act was put forward in 2006, there exist many issues regarding child marriage. The law should be made strict to get rid of these mischief.


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    Yes shafeer, what you said is correct. Its mainly because of the cost of gold and the dowry system. This dowry system is mainly of our society. Still there are cases of suicide due to dowry problems from the husband's house. There should be some strict actions to be taken against this dowry system and child marriage.

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