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    Bachelor Party malayalam movie - User Review

    First day report of the most awaited Malayalam movie: Bachelor party

    Amal Neerad, the talented director as well as a cinematographer is back with his fourth movie. The main remark of the movie will surely be the exciting star cast. After working as a cinematographer, Amal Neerad turned to direction with 'Big B'. the another significance of this film is that AmaL Neerad himself has turned to be a producer too. There is a fabulous star cast including trendy stars Asif Ali, Prithviraj, Vinayak and so on. The item dance by the Padmapriya really increase the buzz surrounding of the film.

    The photographed action sequence and the well planned choreography is the highlight of the film Bachelor party. The slow motion sequences in the film once again proved the class of Amal Neerad as a director. The film set off a spectacular opening. The first day collection decides whether it a crowd puller or not.

    Casting of Bachelor party

    bachelor party
    Here we inclue the names of each and every one who worked hard on the screen and behind the screen of the trend setter 'Bachelor party'.
    • Starring : Asif Ali , Nithya Menon , vinayakan, Indrajith etc
    • Director(s) Amal Neerad
    • Distributor(s) August Cinema
    • Genre(s) Family Thriller
    • Movie Release Date 2012-06-15
    • Banner - Amal Neerad Productions
    • Director - Amal Neerad
    • Story And Script - Unni R , Santhosh Echikkaanam
    • Cinematography - Amal Neerad
    • Editor - Vivek Harshan
    • Music Director - Rahul Raj
    • Designs - Old Monks

    As all other Amal Neerad movie, this film too has an impact of some Hollywood movies. The film somewhat resembles the hit Hollywood movie 'Hangover'. The casting of the youngters makes me to tell so. The director has succeeded in bringing together the variety roles of Asif Ali, Rahman Vinayakan etc. there will be a bit disappointment for prithviraj fans by considering the fact that he is only having a guest role in the film.

    The youngsters set the crowd puller dance item of Padmapriya close to their heart. By considering the aspect of this film with the story of the movie, we can surely say that the song is included only to entertain the audience. The song have no significance in the storyline. The song is played during the end credits of this movie. But Padmapriya alone changed the mood of the film. She too is having a guest appearance in the film.

    The suspense is the prime significance of all the movies of Amal. This film is no longer a different case. The scripting of Unni R is upto the mark. The main man behind the camera is Amal Neerad. Apart from direction, he is also a well cinematographer. The film is having an approximate budget of ten crores. But if he can satisfy th crowd in the next few days, this will not be a waste of money.

    Review of the most awaited film: Bachelor party

    The main concept behind the story is a vague message to the youngsters to enjoy their life to its maximum extend. This movie tells us to travel through all terrains of life that one would never expect. From the caption of the movie itself, we can assume the mind set of each and every character in the movie. Actually the film was not upto the mark of the expectation of the spectators.

    The film Bachelor party has got one of the worst script. It can really be categorized as a shaky script. According to the script, the film should only have duration of around 10-15 minutes. But the film is stretched to hours using the method of old fashioned slow motion. There is a scene in the movie where the rogue guys plans to assassin the enemy. But the enemy is out for shopping. This makes the viewers to wait for the movie audience to wait with the rogue gang.

    One of the point to be noticed is that the film is entirely filled with baudy words. This makes the film less watchable for the families. The film really depicts some awkward symbolism. Out of all actors, Rahman was exceptionally well. But I don't know why the director have casted Prithvi in this movie.

    Eventhough the film was housefull in the first show, the film lacks something. The viewers review is not giving a hope for the producer.According to my personal opinion, it is not good as the movie 'Anwar'. The film mainly tried to satisfy the viewers through the song sequence only. Nothing is done to script in order to satisfy the basic need of the viewers.

    The story depicts the life and love of an employee(Asif Ali) and the daughter(Nithya Menon ) of his boss. The hero marries the young lady and the boss is trying to kill him. But Asif Ali is a member of a rogue gang consist of five members. Prithwiraj really rocked the scenes. But he was given only a small role. Even the movie is not upto the mark, the individual performance of the actors were remarkable. The film lacked good story and script.

    User Rating: 2/5
    Verdict: Watchable/Avoidable.
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    I have seen malayalam movie Bachelor party today. Oh! Terrible, this is the worst movie that ever I had seen. Why the movie makers are make such a bore movie with out any preparation. The movie is look like stretching the rubber. There is no continuity in the movie, even a good story. Most of the scenes are giving slow sequence with out any need. I think why the actors selected such a waste script for acting? In my opinion the movie bachelor party is an utterly waste.

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