Upcoming movie 'scene onnu nammude veedu'

Upcoming movie Scene onnu nammude will featuring Lal in lead role. Shaiju Anthikkad is directed this movie. He is best known for his direction and film making. Shailesh Divakar has penned the screen play of the upcoming flick Scene Onnu nammude veedu. Shefeer seth is the one who produces the family entertainer movie 'scene onnu nammude veedu'. In this movie heroine Navya nair as manju who is the wife of lal appearing as ottapalam unni. It is totally family concentrated film. The movie 'scene onnu nammude veedu' is gives a better mood to the audience at all level. This movie is one of the milestones for the family based movies. The Malayalam film industry is looking for the variety stories and filming experiences. Thus we assume that this movie makes a better filming experience to the Malayalam film industry.