Chemistry of lal and navya in 'scene onnu nammude veedu'.

Director of this movie totally trusted in the skills of well known actor lal, because lal is one of the most brilliant actor and director. He knows the possible elements that needed for a good film and also he try to do his level best for the betterment of the film. Lal do many of the leading evergreen roles for the viewers. The role of lal includes comedy, serious, emotional, character and villain. A good chemistry is worked out when lal and navya combines in the Malayalam movie scene 'onnu nammude veedu'. Navya is also a good actress to the Malayalam film industry. She contributes some good roles which are also living in the minds of malayalees. We are also familiar with the acting experiences of Navya nair. By means of hard work and a well co ordination the movie gets moves in to its maximum level. Malayalam movie industry needs a long life. Thus it is necessary to boost up the energy level by making some more effective movies that has powerful scripts. A proper trouble shooting process is also done for diagnosing the main problem related to the Malayalam movie industry. So we hope that the movie scene 'onnu nammude veedu' gives a good movie to the Malayalam film viewers. The proper supports of the viewer are also a necessary element for the existence of such movies.