'Beauty spot' in the calicut university campus.

Beauty spot, it is place that we can see inside the campus of calicut university. No one who studied in calicut university can forget this place. This place will be as a picture which drown in a big canvas and this is a wide area. Here was lot of love stories were born, lot of friendships are formed, and lot of revolutionary thoughts are generated . No one do not know that who give this name beauty spot to this place. After several generation that place was becomes a spot for friendship and love. Only some peoples who know that this place was designed by G.Aravindhan. He is a famous film director and also he is an artist.

Actually this was the place which owned by people who live besides the university. They give this area for the development of university. But that time this was a bad area . Later the university decided to make a rubber farm in that place. But actually that was not a proper place for rubber farm. But by the hard work of Aravindhan that place was becomes a beautiful one.