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    Standard of Calicut university

    Calicut university standard is now decreasing. As per university rule students can pass even they got 20 marks out of 100
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    This is a serious problem. The students now are upcoming Engineers and they are passed by getting 20 marks in 100. Their knowledge is that much poor and they passed because of this university. If they got recruitment in any company and joins work on there, on that time they will face the difficulty.

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    Dear friends,
    The higher education field in Kerala is in a real crisis now. Universities are coming up with out any practical considerations. Colleges are sanctioned by these Universities without looking into the needs or the capacity of the college.
    Many of the self financing colleges lack the minimum facility, they do not have trained teachers, no laboratory, no library, etc. They pressurize the University for diluting the valuation so that they can show better results. There are many other problems related with this. However the net result is decreasing the standard of education.


    Gold Member, SPK

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    Very shame if a students get 20 is passed. What is the used of getting 100/100 by any student. This is the reason we are going back. If this 20 mark is selected for many job in private or govt. He will not be able to take the correct decision.

    Hence we should keep min of 35 marks in any exam.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Calicut university standard decreased now. Its not only university fault. Because now a days students are always giving important for entertainment process instead of education. So, Education quality is very low in some colleges and universities because of students careless too. I am from Tamilnadu, In Tamilnadu colleges, most of lecture's teaching is not very well. They just studying and vomiting in front of student. But even though students are getting good marks. Here college is not good but students are getting good mark. Completely different process in tamilnadu. So University should care about students and students also should care about in education. Then only they will get good marks and will achieve many more achievement in their life. Let us pray for all poor children to getting educational knowledge.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    It has been a blow from he left! I thought the Kerala University was being cruel to students as even after attaining at least a 40% marks for each paper we have to achieve a sem pass mark which is way over it. Our CE marks are given according to strict scrutiny and exams have become so difficult that it is a wonder we pass in our exams. Moreover we can't get into our next sem without clearing off the previous papers and as Guinea pigs to the semester system being the first batch to have the semester system implemented we a wagon load of syllabus that is too difficult to handle as we deal with PG portions right in the !st sem! Only that our juniors have only half the portions that we learn. Yet, Kerala university has become so strict studies that I thought MG university would be tougher to handle.

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    Yes, you are correct. But university should not strict on students. They got low mark because of some strict rules in universities. They can improve their educational status by some special training program for students instead of implementing some hard rules. Then students will get good marks automatically. We should follow abdulkalam teaching method in all univercities. Abdul kalam is now working in Anna university which is in chennai. His teaching method is completly different which can help to improve their knowledge as well as talents and all.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Santhosh Kumar.A

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