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    Is Kerala becoming a state of Harthal ?

    In contemporary days we can see that lots of harthal or Bandh occur in our state Kerala. Most of the political parties are announce Harthal for demanding their need. Is there any use of Harthal in our state? Is there any good result come across through Harthal? In my point of view it's only a disturbance to normal people. Let's look on today's example. Today's harthal is called off due to the arrest of a political leader from CPI. What is the result after conducting this harthal? Is he out from Jail? Or he is free from the case? No, all them are still remains same. But actual result of Harthal is the disturbance faced by normal people. They have any role in the problem, then why should they have to tolerate this kind of disturbance from Politician?
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    Thankyou for share this news here. Actually I am from Tamilnadu, so I dont know much about Kerala state. Your updates help me too improve my knowledge about Kerala. Thankyou friend.


    santhosh kumar.A

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    Hartals have become a fashion in our State. People enjoy it. Even if a very small party or group announces a hartal it becomes successful. The success is not because of the support from the people. People do not want to go out and get hurt. In some cases many working people feel that they are getting a free day. We are a lazy group, any insignificant reason will suffice us to take an off from our job. Everybody want money without doing any work, this is more true with government employees. Thus any hartal is celebrated in Kerala.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Ban should be on Hartals. Now some people do hartals for Fun. They do not understand, what time is? It is public. Who is the loser? The hartal people should understand. It is time to stop Hartals.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    A doubt, I am pretty sure that the usage is wrong, shouldn't it have been
    Have Kerala become a state of hartals? or Is Kerala becoming a state of hartals?

    Hartals have become a part of Kerala as such. Its been appalling how the people take it as an extra holiday on the calendar. Hartals and bandhs have become a common strategy of politicians to trigger in disputes among parties and then to debate on the actions of the opponent party. It is just a party game that now they play when they get bored. I have often heard my college-mates say that "its been boring outside so we decided to attend this hour of lecture" and with same boredom chant "we have nothing to do outside the classroom, if there was a strike at least we could have joined them shouting something". Strikes have just got into the thrillers list of Kerala, just like the gundas and drug trafficking,speeding and so much more i don't know where to begin and end the list. But hopefully i would say that hartals are mere time pass for young politicians or guys who seems to work for parties but are simply spending up their time and enjoying the thrilling experience of vandalizing the cars and shops or throwing in explosives and arousing terror just like how their favorite villains or heroes do in cinemas.

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