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    Introducing forum wizard award in SPK

    Members, we are happy to announce the new award scheme in Spider Kerala forum section. That is forum wizard award. The member who has got most points in forum in an entire month will be eligible for this award. We are looking for more active participation in forum section. Hope your feedback.

    Criteria for choosing forum wizard award:
    1. Member should not violate any SpiderKerala rules.
    2. Member should earn minimum 100 points from forum section in a month.
    3. Member who gets most point from forum section will get the award.

    Forum wizard award is worth RS 250. So participate and earn prize. Best wishes to all.
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    Shafeer V U, Thankyou for Introducing Such a contest Here. Because It will bring more Traffic for our SPK as well as good participation in forum section. All Members should not post any spam message in forum section. I hope many members will participate in forum section and get this award soon. All the best for all members.

    santhosh kumar.A

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    Dear Friends,
    This is really what we are waiting from SpiderKerala. This award definitely attract members to post in forum section and discuss various topics related to Kerala. Forum section in spider kerala is partially dead or completely dead for a long period. This is really a good news to all. Webmasters and Editors are tremendously working for providing more offers to participate members for active in all sections.
    Wish you all the best
    Niyas Pulpadan

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    That's a great news. This will invite more people to be active in the forum section. Spider Kerala has become one of the best sites in internet which provides knowledge along with earnings. I am sincerely showing my thanks to the webmaster and editors for introducing such a great contest. All members please post good topics which are relevant in our society now. All the best members.

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    This is a good news for all the spider Kerala members. Also this will be an encouragement for us to write forums in spider Kerala. I here by wish to say thanks you to you and all other editors and our web master.

    So thank you very much to all for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.


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    This is indeed an attractive offer which can make members active in forum section. Generally, an indifference is noticed very often among many of the members to participate in the forum discussions. Perhaps,a few might change their attitude now. Let us wait and see.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Nice initiative from the Administrators side to introduce new award in Sipderkelara. Yes active and regular contributions are necessary for the success of any educational based knowledge sharing site. The award surely helps members to contribute more actively in this site.

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    Hello Shafeer,
    It is indeed a motivational thing for the members of this esteemed website spiderkerala exclusively for the Keralites. The introduction of the forum wizard award will make the members to actively participate in the forums section. The forum is indeed a place for us to share our views and opinions regarding the things happening in our surrounding. Here we are able to get feedback regarding a particular topic or to clarify our doubts based on a certain topic. So the members must actively participate in the forums section. This will surely bring more traffic to this site. So once again I am taking this chance to congratulate the respective forum editor and the webmaster for introducing such a reward programme in forum section.


    "What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers."

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    This is a great initiative from spider Kerala. Hope this will increase active participation of members in the forum section.

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    Thank you so much for introducing such an award in Spider Kerala. We will surely contribute more to the forum section.

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    So once again I am taking this chance to congratulate the respective forum editor and the webmaster for introducing such a reward programme in forum section.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    This is really an exciting offer and people like me will surely get inspired by these type of awards. I hope SPK team will continue programs like this to keep the active participation of members.


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    Dear shafeer v u
    Thanks for your great announcement. It will make more members to contribute lot of posts and comments will make forum stronger and active. Any way thanks for your new reward announcement.


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