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    Reason for the deletion of the Articles

    Hai sir,
    Three of my articles got deleted today and haven't got any reasons for its deletion. You can find it in the 'deleted' section. It will be so good if you can provide the exact reason behind the deletion. Then, it will help me to correct it on the next post.
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    Yes the Editors should mention the reason for the deletion of articles in order to avoid repeating the same mistake in future. I have seen the deleted list after getting approval the articles got rejected. It has happened may be due to copying from external sites, Editor will respond with appropriate reason for the deletion.

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    The reason was missed and now it has been mentioned. We accept articles related to Kerala State only. The articles about gadgets, cars etc can be posted at our sister site, that is Geek Fundas. Here you can write about dealers, service centres, price range at various districts etc for the same.

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