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    What is your opinion about Oommen Chandy Government?

    Hi Friends,
    Our Oommen Chandy Government completes one year and 2 months duration. Many new projects and schemes are announced, which ensures corruption-free and transparent administration, protection of environment and solid waste management, higher growth and creation of employment opportunities, improvement of basic infrastructure and health care and skill development. All these gives a new hopes to young generation. Let us discuss the entire government in terms of developments and infrastructure compare to VS Goverment
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    There is not much to assess this Government as good. The ministers are doing independently, not much coordination is seen. Only very few actions are not people friendly. Even without a ministry like this the rule will go on.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Oommen Chandy Government is the best govt at the present situtation. He is trying his best to do good to all the group of people. It is very difficult for managing at the present sitution. Oommen chandy is a corupt free CM. This is what I think. As oommen chandy is having good contact in Delhi. He is able to pull people from Delhi. For example our PM Manmohan Singh.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Its really interesting news to know about this. Now a days some states are following politics in standard way. its really great to know according to the state level. Let us some other countries politics too. Its quite different when we compare to other countries. Because corruption is now increasing in India too. We should stop corruption in India as well as all other countries.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    Let think what are the ways to stop corruption. Do you have any suggestion on this ? Hope that you have many idea ? Let the Govt take ideas through Spiderkerala .Which are good to stop BAD . And we all follow the right & good path.

    So that we can be the corrupt free. Both the giver and taker should be punish at any level. Can Govt do something on this ?

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Corruption is not a simple think. But we can stop this oneday. lets form one team to stop corruption in India. Atleast we can stop 1% corruption in India. But we need some power to control some politics issues.

    @k k manoj kumar, If you need any idea for stop corruption in our India ? Create separate forum message. Then members will share ideas and experience in that.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    Ommen Chandy government have so far managed off with satisfactory achievements and programs yet for people give them our full trust they have to work harder. Co ordination have been found lacking in many fields of action and focus is on introduction of new schemes and measures rather than trying to improve the efficiency of already going on schemes and departments.

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