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  • Category: Kerala Politics

    TV Rajesh MLA arrested in shukkoor murder case

    After the arrest of P Jayarajan in associate with shukoor murder case TV Rajesh MLA is also arrested yesterday after his plea denied by High court of Kerala. He has under remand till August 27 and sent to Kannur central jail. He was the 39 th accuser in this case. The court will consider his plea today. The same offense against P Jayarajan has also accused against T V Rajesh. Case has taken against them under Indian law 118 part.
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    Thank you NIYAZ PULPADAN for share this political related news. I have seen lots of bad issues in politics. If we want to discuss about political issue in our India, then 24 hours not enough for us. Because we can read lots of murders related to politics. What is politics ? I think earning more money is politics, because many poor peoples cannot get their proper gain for working and all. Still now our peoples are getting lots of trouble in their family. But political leaders are not taking even step for stop this issues in our country. We are Just reading some murder case in newspaper. I don't know, how is our India going in our state as well as our Country.

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