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    Food security is not increasing production alone !

    Our country faces the crucial issue of food security though ours is an agricultural economy and this sector is showing improvements. The production of 50 million tonnes in early 1950 has reached the record production of 241 million tonnes in 2010 – 11. But still the condition of the farming community is pitiable.

    There is an argument for introducing Genetically Modified (GM) crops, which is yet to prove that it can improve yield. Moreover, from the experience of Bt cotton cultivation, it has proved to be a more expensive production process. (Per acre cost comes to Rs.45,000, where as it was less than Rs 10,000 earlier for other varieties).

    Based on a study about all these aspects the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture recommended the Government to have a fresh look at these issues. It views that food security does not stop at increasing production, but it must guarantee the access to food for the poorest. Introduction of GM crops also need rethinking according to the Committee. It asks the Government to ensure the food security in the coming years without jeopardising the vast biodiversity of the country and compromising with the safety of human and livestock health.
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    Food crisis is a constant issue of our state. Our state, known to be an agrarian one now have dropped paddy from their lists including flowers and rubber being the high priorities. This as such is a crisis .People are always on the prejudice that farming leads to only one possibility and that is to suicide. Its been heartbreaking that Kerala farmers face such crisis in an agrarian land. We rejoice at the unloading of Tamil Nadu rice sacks or Andhra Rice sacks but are indifferent to the paddy fields next door. The government is undoubtedly taking measures to prevent the leveling of fields and destruction of farm lands but my opinion is that they should focus more into the upliftment of the field of agriculture in Kerala and bring in more people and schemes to promote the sector

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    @, T.M.Sankaran Sir. Always your ideas and opinions are different. In my tamilnadu, Food production is really low. Its really different when we compare to Kerala state and tamilnadu state. Here production is really low now a days. Agriculture is not improving here because of real state field. Now Completely realstate field have been developed, but I don't Know about real estate field in Kerala.

    But, Whatever, We are expecting production of food with quality which will give good benefit and health for us.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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