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    Member of the week award

    It is very late to announce member of the week award for August 13- August 19. The editor and webmaster are not taking care about this. Awards are always inspiration to our members to participate sections actively.
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    Yes you are right. I accept your point, Contest result will motivate members. But Whatever webmaster will announce the contest result within the end of month. So, Please wait for result, I hope you too contribute here with more active.

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    Now this is holidays for me. So simply sitting in home and no more works to do. Hence spending time here.

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    @ Aswin use your free time more effectively. You are active in forum section. You can target forum wizard award for this month. To get forum wizard award you have to score more points than any other member in forum on this entire month. If you winning forum wizard award you will get 250 Rs cash credit. You can also post articles related to Kerala. This will give you more credit compared to forums. Regarding Member of the week award, it will announce by Webmaster Biju sir. Wait for his response.

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    Yes Aswin, you can convert your time as money by working in Spider Kerala. Submit some Kerala related articles then you can get more money from your articles. You will get some knowledge also when you prepare some articles by your own words. Please don't copy even single sentences from external sites, you must write articles in your own words.

    You can discuss in forum section related to Kerala stuffs.

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    @Shafeer V U , Yes you are right. We have to wait for biju sir annoucement regarding MOW contest.

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    I dont know what to write. There is a long 1 week infront of me. I always like to contribute to this site. But dont know what others are searching for.

    @shafeer, lets wait for Biju sir's response. If he is not regular the members will have a bad feeling about the site.

    @santhosh, thank you for your valuable feedback. Keep encouraging other members also.

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    @Aswin Sreedhar, we should not blame webmasters and editors because they are working part time here. But your point is also right. So we need atleast 2 regular webmasters or 2 resource editors for this site then only Spider kerala will get more smart members by editors or webmaster guidelines.

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    As part of editorial Panal, I feel sorry for the late result. Usually Biju sir tried to respond as soon as possible. There may be any personal reason behind his absence. Don't feel bad about the site, we are always with you to give guidelines.
    @Santhosh, in my point of view now Biju sir is enough as webmaster, He is very keen on his work and complete the resource editing within days. As you know this is only a part time work for him. Wait patiently he will give you response within time.


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    @Shafeer, it is ok. I just mentioned it to improve SPK.

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