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    Feedback About Spider Kerala

    My feedback about Spider Kerala

    1. SEO friendly website, If I post any contents here it will get top 10 result page.

    2. Spider Kerala website having more pageviews, more traffic than other sites.

    3. Webmaster Biju sir, Editor Shafee V U and all other editors are really supportive and active in Spider Kerala site.

    4. Spider kerala website having more and more quality contents, specially it comes with lots of malayalam movie review.

    5. Members are really showing their good contribution here for bring some extra traffic for this site by some quality articles.

    6. Member of the week, Member of the month are contests are really interesting and bring some good motivation in my mind.

    7. I am getting good article earning as well as good adsense earning.

    8. Webmasters are help to select and post some hot topics in Spider Kerala.

    I am expecting some more suggestion from members. :)
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    Hai Santhosh,
    I am new to spiderkerala. So I have to wait for a while to make a comment about this site. I think this site is one of the best sites about Kerala.
    I feel that we are in need of some more quality contents. We need some more content writers. Happy to hear your comments. Keep contributing to SPK.

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    Yes, thankyou Aswin Sreedhar .

    Aswin Sreedhar, your contribution in forum section is really super. But I am expecting your contribution in all other section of Spider kerala.

    I am happy to see your all comments in Spider Kerala. I hope you will become best member in SPK.

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    Thank you Santhosh, senior members like you are the motivation or inspiration for new members. Keep inspiring others.

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    Yes, welcome Aswin Sreedhar, Spider Kerala looking for smart members. For example, 3 smart writers enough for 100 normal members. So, I hope you will become one of the best and smart writer for Spider Kerala. I am happy to see your all response.

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