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    Why are we not in first three place in any international Games .

    Hi All,

    We have good sport persons like PT Usha from Kerala. Why she or the govt is not putting effort to create a good sport person from Kerala? Govt should see that sport should be given more importance. Like other subject English, Hindi, Science. Sport should be included in the report Card & Marks should be alloted. So that in future We should win more and more award.

    People just play till they get a job through sport . We should have a regular check on this . The same procedure should be implemented as of Driver in Railways.

    If fit continue or else depromotion.
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    This is a topic that has caught the attention of Kerala for long long years. Whenever there is a sports meet or arenas for a clash of athletes the media fires up instantly spotting the very poor state of sports schools and training grounds. During every such events there comes pinned in every news bulletin a special two minutes dedicated to investigations the media people make to lay light to the sufferings of these athletes. One have to strive to achieve something but completely neglecting one's abilities and pushing them with bare feet to burning grounds of struggle never helps them. Even though the government promises to fulfill their needs and provide them better facilities of housing and training, every promise turns out to be empty. Its high time the government think more seriously about such sports schools and training facilities. When every malayali stares into the television hoping to be proud on an achievement by a fellow malayali, always disappointment hits us as our fellow people fail to make it there all because of the lack of facilities. I really wish the politicians care atleast once to fulfill a promise they often make. Too bad, in politics promises are mere synonyms to "I am making the people fools" cliche.

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