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    Can PT USHA create more Athletics for coming games

    Will PT USHA create more Athletics. For the coming games. Do she need support from government. What are the things required to create more Athletics. Is she interested to bring & develop more athletics for the coming games. Is any Govt/sponsors ready to help in this task.
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    PT Usha is a very talented olympian. She can bring up more and more athlets for future. Also we have a lot of children interested in sports. Kerala is always in the top position in almost all the national meets. We have the manpower here. The main drawback is the lack of good coach and practicing facilities of international standards. Our athletes can make better performances if they have provided with all the materials. The government should come forward to support the sports institutions financially. If we are making best environment for them to practice, certainly we can expect more from our children.

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    So we have talented & interested sport persons, only thing we have put effort is practicing facilities and a good coach can do wonders. So why is the govt not doing something. When we are the 2nd in population. When we can break record in population , why can't we do in international game. Now it is left to PT Usha to decide & do something for Nation. We all supported when you participated in Asian. Now it is your time to support & do something for child . We have good young MLA & MP who is ready to support for Game. Hope that in coming year we will create more people going to take part in any game & get MEDAL for India.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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    PT USHA is one of the greatest and innovative player. She gave some training for Olympic players also. So, surely many players will get lots of Olympic award for coming day by PT USHA. She is one of the best example for Women players. Now a days girls are coming to sports fields also because once upon a time no one did not come to sports fields. But We can found some more girls in Sports fields. Its really great news for our India compare to Other countries. Another thing is that many Kerala Olympic players have participated in recent Olympic games. Its wonderful opportunity for Kerala Peoples. So, Suppose government supports for Sports players, then many women players will come to sports field as well as Olympic Games.

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    Will government go anything for sport for both men & women. If yes, what are the thing they are going to do. Will they prepare the plan for future & see that me come out with flying colors.

    Yes , I agree, PT USHA is one of the greatest and innovative player.She can bring up more and more sports persons in future.

    We all should see that Games are given more importance like any other subject. So that everyone participate in this with heart.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    Now a days peoples are giving some important for specfic sports. Sports are game for entertainment process only. But now a days we are giving most concentrate and important for cricket sports. Yes we can watch sports but playing is better than watching, Because its really good for health. Thats why we invented sports in our world. So, Let us play any of our favorite sports too instead of simply sitting and watching television.


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