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    Perfection in the language used for postings

    Editors might have noticed that mistakes are abundant in the postings by some of the members. Grammatical as well as spelling mistakes appear very often. Sometimes the meaning they intend to convey is misunderstood. Of course, nobody can be perfect. But everybody should try to improve their language, that is what I feel. This is only humble comment, do not misunderstand.
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    Mistakes make man perfect. Take the example who invented Buld. The spiderkerala is given every one to learn. Some many not to as qualified as other....... if you compare ...his standard will be more , i would say. As he/she may be undergraduate or less educated because of many other reason.

    Just encourge other , so that they will not stop writing in spider keral or other site. Humble request to you sir.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    T.M.Sankaran Sir............. you have a very good exp, senior citizen, we are all half your age. We should learn from you. You have more than dozen published ... & you have stock with you. We are all just a starter....... just give us a chance to improve. The below is your exp...... it front of that we are zero.

    Worked as a teacher both at the University of Cochin and Kerala Agricultural University.
    Carried out Research and assisted research activities. Undertook or associated with research projects. Published about 30 research articles in national and international journals. Published more than 50 articles (general) in different magazines. Published two books and edited more than half a dozen publications.
    Has published articles on-line in sites such as 'Ezine articles', 'scribd', India Study Channel, etc.

    K K Manoj Kumar

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    I agree to your suggestion sir. Every post comes with errors in either spellings or grammar. Even though man learns through his mistakes i honestly don't find that anyone is learning from the mistakes they post. It would have been far better of postings were made much more carefully. Even though Manoj sir has his point right i believe that knowledge should come in clear language. And like Sankaran sir have said often mistakes misguides our assumptions. I really feel that much more care be given to the apt spellings and correct grammar. That is how we learn realizing our mistakes ,not just by making mistakes by by correcting them.

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    @ Gaythri, I would like to point out that you have not used capital letter for the word "I". Secondly, you have put "comma" after a space, it has to be done the other way round - put comma and then put a space. I know it is not done intentionally, but a typing error. Same might happen to others too.

    @ Sankran Sir, Yes, we all learn from our mistakes, but sometimes we might not notice the mistake or may be ignorant, so only if others correct us, we can improve or correct ourselves. Mostly typing errors occurs and that is not done intentionally, but we members should at-least read our post to check for any typing errors. I will check it from here on as I make certain typing errors often.

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    Dear friends,
    Thanks for the responses. I have a request that my comments are not against any individual. I was just pointing out that one should go through his postings before uploaded, so that the mistakes could be minimized.

    I do admit that there will be differences between the education level and experiences of members and naturally it will be reflected in their postings as well. But this site is helping all of us to improve our writing skill. Let us make use of it.
    With warm regards.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Yes. Its right that many of our members including me makes lots of mistakes in our article. I was a person who doesn't even knew the spelling of 'Science' first. But i have improved a lot these days and have a great demand on english. Thanks to Biju Cherian Sir for introducing me this site and changing me a lot. When ever he tells me anything, it is really valuable and trust worthy for me.

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