Emerging Kerala aiming the skies.

The latest endeavor of the Kerala Government to take Kerala forth to the fast pacing world sore up to its initiatory procedures on Wednesday September 12 with the Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh discussing the projects and inaugurating the function setting free the flying bird. The logo of the project, a flying bird with outspread wings, as such lends us hopes of flight into the skies which focuses on the healthy development of the State.

The first three days that will composite discussions and meeting for the final lapse of the project to be initiated with primary importance to the harmless developments.The project mainly focusing on the industrial development of the state have already scheduled to its list inclusion of diplomats, technocrats and leading industrialists to have their seats during the discussions.Boosting the rate of growth of the state, acceptance of our socio-cultural heritage further into the system Indian rhythm, Urbanization and industrialization with faster rates, rising up new infrastructures and providing more IT sectors for the youth, increasing literacy rates and many more colorful dreams have found place to be made into reality by the new project.

The endeavor is a deliberate attempt to the government to prove itself an investor-friendly state efficient by itself and self-sustained ,able to meet one's business needs by itself and to ensure that our strata have been raised to higher levels so as to make us educated and capable of such huge leaps to secure our future. Our dreams soaring high into the sky with flying colors.

Yet,as "every positive comes with a negative" blind trust to such projects can cause us no good. Still the whole state awaits with eyes wide open and minds curious for the triggering of the project to fire up to their hopes. With the initiating sessions the project have already won the attention of public and the media ensuring all hopes of a good future.An "emerging future" on the go.

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