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    Total points getting subtracted.

    I have the experience, twice, that my total points are getting reduced when requested for recalculation. Just now the total was 2983, when I just clicked the 'recalculate my total points' I got the result as 2952. Day before yesterday also I had a similar experience. Please check up.
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    Dear Shankaran Sir,

    Your points may be reduced due to any particular reason like, you may be awarded negative points for an of your acts or so. We will hope the editors to reply to this thread soon. If it is a bug, then SPK will take the initiative to get rid of it soon.

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    I am sorry to see that no editor has taken up this as a serious issue, may be a mechanical mistake. I don't know. However, I am least bothered about it.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Sorry sir, for the late reply. Actually I am not sure what's the problem that cause reduction in your points. It may be some technical error.

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    Hello every one, If any negative or point is reduced , that me some one is checking or auditing.
    K K Manoj Kumar

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