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    Key Obstacle factors which restricts the overall development in Kerala.

    In this brief discussion I wish to invite all the intellectuals to share their perceptions too, so that we will have a more significant discussion.

    Since the new UDF govt: came into power we have been curiously watching the performance, the inter action from the goverment for various sensitive issues and the steps taken to improve the present status of public etc.

    My first subject in this discussion is related to the lack of neatness in the public places, roads,coastal areas,bus stations,and even in the public and private offices.

    I do strongly believe the need of general awrareness in this regard is the most important one. So how to develop this awareness in public could be the key factor to open the eyes of Government which is the real task among the public to find a solution for this.

    As long the government has not at all able to find a permenant solution for the "waste management" issue the public needs to remind the goverenment always and till it get done!!

    Why the govt is unable to find a permenant solution for this issue? Is the problem for the fund?Is the problem to find technical assistance from the relevant sources?or Is the govt doesnt wish for that?
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    Honestly, all that government can do is to pass rules and orders to the public not to dispose waste in public places and roadside or to place sufficient garbage cans wherever possible. But what the government can't do is to make people drop the trash into the trash can than around it. It mostly our own fault that the garbage pile up in public places. If the public themselves dispose the waste in much better way this will never happen. But what to do, we just want to throw away the waste by the roadside and blame each and every one of the other people who do the same. We have train our selves first about this issue. Then go blame the government. Those who were elected to high post works not to clean up our trash. It is we who have to keep our surroundings clean and to make sure that our actions doesn't curtain anyone else' liberty.

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    Neatness of public places has to be looked into, no doubt. As already pointed out above, leaving the matter to the Government will not yield results. Now as per Municipal act, any waste is the property of the Municipality (Corporation/Panchayath). But how many of the Municipalities are keen on this issue.
    I had some experience in this, when I was working as the Director of an Institute which had undertaken the waste management of a local Municipality. We educated the public through the Residents' Associations about handling the waste and the importance of separating the waste at the source, etc. Only very few were seen, later to be cooperating with the methods.
    When it comes to the public place, we Keralites have the tendency to spit and urinate in such places. Even educated are not exceptions.
    So, it is the mental set up that is to be changed first in order to have neat public places.

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    Mental set up is the target. But isn't it surprising that these people who dump waste by the roadside, spit on the road and urinate in public places are tip top gentlemen once they cross the boundaries of India!

    How many cases have been registered that we Indians misbehave, or disobey traffic rules, or flout the codes of conduct once they are out of India? Its just that we ourselves picturize India as a "bad to live in" place.

    It is our own fault that our place is because we want it so. It is just a matter of fulfilling one's duty to one's own motherland. But today people are busy and ignorant that we fail to see what we are doing around ourselves.

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    It is a fact that when we go out we all are gentle men/women. But here we take freedom to do anything.
    Our organizations- political, social or cultural- are competing to destroy the beauty of a city by cut-outs and hoardings.Even after a function is over the organizers never bother to remove these hoardings. This not only defaces the city but also causes traffic accidents.
    Trees are also not let free. Very often posters are pasted on the trunks and banners tied closing the site of leaves.
    Thus all sort of irregular actions add to the ugly look of a city.

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    Dear Babu,
    Only a crying baby gets milk, therefore we the general public should always remind the government and our politicians, only then we can get anything done from them. If they feel that we are taking it coolly or is not bothering them too much, they will take advantage of the situation and will ignore the problem completely.

    Only if we the citizens of India, take the initiative to keep our country neat and clean, India can develop. What I suggest is we individually should make up our mind not to dirty or litter our country anymore. Later people will follow us and we can be proud of it.

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