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    Say goodbye to injection needles !

    Injecting a medicine into the body is always painful, especially for children. The latest news from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides consolation for this.

    It is a modified jet injector, a device developed using Lorentz – force actuator. From the ampule in which the medicine is filled a piston pushes out the medicine in high pressure and speed into the body. The tip of the end portion of the ampule through which the medicine ejects is so small as that of a mosquito pin head.

    The speed of the ejection of medicine will be equal to that of sound waves in air.
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    But doesn't this kind of speed damage our cells? It will pain more than a regular injection, don't you think so?

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    Dear Shankaran Sir,

    It is true that not only children's but elders are also afraid of injections as it gives us a slight pain. Normally we compare the pain of injecting a needle to ant bite. Noe this new technology can reduce the pain to a a mosquito bite. That is nice but as Gayathri asked, will there be any side effects to it?

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    Not side effects Dilna, I was asking about the cell damage. Im not quite sure that is a side effect. It is same as the regular injection but just i think it pains the same or may be more. Such speed can tear our cells . Not that it could have a side effect, but i believe the pain would be more in the case.

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    No indications are given regarding the cell damage. And, of course, no side effect can be expected.
    Gold Member, SPK

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