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    Suggestions from my side for the betterment of SPK

    Dear editors,

    I am new to this site, but I have been an active member in one of the sister sites of SPK. A person who came from such an active site will find it difficult to work with SPK as we get poor response here at SPK. May be because we have few members. I think something has to be done about it, only then we will be able to attract more members to this site.

    In the other site of yours, there are many contests and GDs announced frequently and that is what attracts members. They are announcing resource contest, so get lot of resources about a particular topic from the available members. For the past few days I have been noticing that only 5 of the members are contributing in forum section, whereas in the other site, as soon as we submit a thread, we will get 5 responses at-least. I am not comparing these two sites, but as that is your sister concern, why don't you adopt the same method followed by them. Also, SPK editors, should review the forum section too(they do it now, I know) as soon as possible and give replies to the members at the earliest.
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    Thank you for share your Suggestion here. Your opinion is really appreciable. However now we need some valuable writers for SPK. That's why SPK never encourage some contests here. SPK webmasters and editors are searching some good article writer here. Once we find at least 10 writers for SPK, they will promote our website than other sister sites. Because 10 good writers are equal to 100 normal writers. After forming good team members, SPK will announce lots of good article contest and forum contest here. So be contribute for SPK, soon webmaster will announce some good news for SPK.

    I want to say thanks for your valuable suggestion, but our webmaster will give some extra award in each month instead of contest. So you will get good earning for your active participation in SPK. So, don't need to worried about exact credit for your hard work.

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    The response above is the right one. SPK needn't improve its member strength just for the sake of numbers. It is the articles that are important not the number of response. It is always about the quality and not the quantity.And for such a concern so far SPK have been keen in rightly promoting the sight and not alluring in members.
    I found the site when I was looking for information and found the site very helpful in the matter and that was what propted me to get into forum discusions that act as a supplementary data source for the resource section. What brought me here was surely not the prizes or any such stuff and SPK doesn't promote such glitters.I have to admit that there is a dignity when one doesn't make oneself popular with offers and gifts.

    But Dilna do have a good suggestion of giving in a topic to post in articles. That will help SPK to cover more area and give in more information about a single topic at a single go.

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    @ Gayathri, In forum section a thread with no response will affect the reputation of SPK. With regards to article, it is not a problem. SPK has not only resource section but other sections too. If we get more active members, the contribution to SPK will be more.

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