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    New generation malayalam movies; Boon or Bane? Active GD

    New generation malayalam movies, as named has brought a real twist in the thoughts of the youngsters. With the arrival of a handful of movie makers and writers, there had been a tremendous change in the concept of film making. Even the titles of the movies do contain the flavor of what we call 'young generation'. Do you think that the presentation of the themes, the languages used in the movies and the new trends in malayalam movie industry can be favoured.

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    The birth and development of the Film genre unlike all other fields of art was the most quick and stunning. It easily found space in the daily lives of people all around the world so effectively as its language of pictures was simple enough for anyone to comprehend. It was gradual but the change was effective enough for the world to portray itself in reality and bring to people the stunning yet real pictures of what truly took place around. This was during the times after and during the world wars. The world was shaken by the real images of war stricken lives that the camera sponged up into the screen. But later throughout the world Film faced such a drastic change in approach that the medium became a mere world of fantasy and larger than life stories and characters. Coming into the purview of Malayalam Cinema after the gifted works of the 80's and the 90's Malayalam Cinema faced such tragedy of deja vu themes and reprise that even the Cinema halls were in such pathetic condition so as to convert into Marriage Halls

    But since the advent of new directors and crew and also people who are ready to chance an experiment Malayalam films have come back with such a bag that the box offices keep on breaking records one after the other.

    Realities have been portrayed in such a manner that often reality itself stands a step behind the movies that Malayalam has become of. The realistic portrayals of death, blood, conceit, adultery, jealousy, cunning people, unfaithfulness, sorrow, all have found places of high importance in the modern themes. The attitude change of the upcoming generation is highly perceived in films. Take for instance the ideal figure of the hero and heroines have somehow faced such withering away in character and morals that today even the celebrated of the heroes and heroines are casted as drunkards, smugglers, terrorists, anti-social elements, thieves, burglars and everything bad you could possibly imagine of and still they are heroes.

    Movies with happy ending were of the days long gone. Now the generations have been modified into such a state that even films can end in tragedy and still the film is a hit. This possibly is because of the stark realization among us that life always is not as smooth as what we saw on the silver screen so far. Today's movies shows us that it is not always the villain who dies after a dual but the hero have the equal chances as well. The stark realities of poverty, struggles, pain, degrading world, withering relations all bring us out of our bubble of fantasy reminding us that the world out is as worse as these portrayed scenes and that nothing is easy in life.

    These films even though burst our fancy bubbles and wake us into reality the main fault that breaks in is the bad ideals it shows us. The children are crazy about their superstars and don't fear jumping down from a building or keeping a knife in hand. Guns they feel are playthings and the whole of the world is like a mere game of life and death. This have to be noted that the demise of the heroes in modern films instill in the children an icon of such a withering hero indulged in money and women and alcohol. This figure was so far reserved for the villains and now it is hard to find an ideal hero in his crazy world. Malayalam Films have come out to be a sharp critic and satirist on our ideals and society and also have had the courage to experiment on the styles they want to portray true Kerala that each attempt becomes yet another deadly strike on the face of the evils rampant in our state.

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    According to me new generation Malayalam movies is a bane. I wouldn't say all but majority belongs to this category. What I feel is that the old and middle aged Malayalam movies had good story and moral in it which is completely lacking in present age movies. Today in movies more important is given to love, romance and to the slang and vulgar words associated with sex. This creates a bad effect on children and they will want to know more about love and sex at an early age itself. As in Kerala, sex education is not given in schools or by parents, children go behind these movies and will discuss it in class and also wills search it over the net for more clarifications. This in-turn diverts their attention from studies and will be attracted towards love and sex.

    Secondly, the new generation movies have nothing useful for the young generation. These movies comes with a love story, action scenes, low quality meaningless songs and a story with inappropriate climax. There are many brutal things happening around us today, movies should be able to portrait these situations in the story and try to make an awareness among the general public. But rather today movies are just released or produced keeping in view the collection it can get. Money should not be the sole aim of the people behind the making of a movie, they should also discharge their duties as a citizen through their movies. No producer or director can find a place in the public's heart by producing many movies, rather the quality of the movie counts.

    Thirdly, today we have lot of technology available and committing a crime has become more easier than earlier. Detective movies shows various ways by which one can flick money or do some mischievous thing. This will catch the attraction of unemployed young Keralities and they start doing the same. This in-turn increases the number of culprits in our state. Almost all common man knows that the law is not very effective in Kerala and one with money can easily find a loop hole to escape even from a critical criminal case.

    If the new generation movies was a boon, then problems like molestation, robbery, bribery etc would have decreased in our country by now. But as media and movies are taking less effort to make the public aware of their rights and to educate or to convince the brutal people around us, these crimes are increasing day by day. In a developing country like India, women are still not safe to travel alone that too in a train with hell lot of passengers.

    Fourthly, I hardly like or remember any songs from new generation movies. The youngsters itself downloads and purchases songs of 80s and 90s. The lyrics of those songs were apt for the situation and had a power to catch the mind of the listeners. We still recollect those wonderful old lyrics but hardly anyone remember the lyrics of the songs that he/she ahs heard one or two months back. When a movie is released, I agree, everyone is eager to listen to these songs and after hearing it for 3 times, we start ignoring the song. Youngsters have no other option that to watch and listen to these low quality movies. The number of movies released in a year has drastically reduced when compared to 90s. This is because people refuse to watch movies with no content in it.

    Fifthly, when a movies is taken, it should contain all elements and should be watchable by all generations of people. But now most of the movies come with a "youngster" tag and the words and slangs used in these movies won't be understood by a generation ahead us. If this situation goes on, then Malayalam film industry will soon reach a danger level. We have many happenings occurring around us and directors can chose any to make a story for their movie, instead they themselves are going back to old age movies and is getting ready to remake those movies.

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