World Mental Health Day

October 10th is considered as World Mental Health Day. Not only physical health but also mental health is required for us to lead a healthy life. Many of the Keralities commit suicide because of depression. We must know how to handle our problems and how not to fall into serious depression state. We all should have someone very close and trustworthy, to whom we can share our problems and who will give us apt advices. If not, we will keep our problems within ourselves and will keep on thinking about it. Finally we will get depressed and lack interest in other things. If this situation pertains, we must definitely consult a doctor or else we might reach a stage were we feel it is better to commit suicide. No, suicide is not a solution to any problem. Man creates problems and he can solve all problems, there is nothing beyond our control, it is all about how we feel and how we look into each problems.

Always think about your dependents and their state after your death. So never give up, fight bravely until your last breathe. It is better to solve problems from the very beginning than keeping it on pending state and taking it out when things are really worse.