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    We leave our chappals outside when entering home

    When we enter our houses we remove our shoes or chappals and leave them outside. This is because we firmly believe the chappals will carry all the dirts of street, which we don't want to take inside our home.

    But have thought that most of us are leaving another thing also when we enter home. It is nothing but our artificial (make believe) personality which we leave behind. Outside we will be very decent, loving, caring, etc. and behave as a social being. We will argue for secularism, cleanliness of street, waste management and the like.

    Once we are in the house we change completely. We find fault with our neighbours, members of our family and our co-workers. We will never be prepared to establish a relationship with any member belonging to another caste or religion. We throw our waste outside or into neighbours' compound.

    This dual personalty is present in almost all of us. Very few exceptions will be there.
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    This is a trait that you can easily find in every one living in a society. Someone inside, a different one outside. Family is where we express ourselves freely and let go of all the make belief personality that we exhibit outside. It is true that every person is different at home but that is just because it is only our family and best friends who accept as who we are . They do not want to change us nor do they want us to adjust for them. At home we are at our best, our dressing is comfortable, we are relaxed, we behave the way we want, get angry with anyone back home, laugh when we please, make as much noise as we want, take longer hours in the shower, sing aloud when we want to , home is where we live as who we really are and that is why we complain the most at home.

    But when we are outside we have to be dead careful that we don't get into anyone else's way due to our character or behavior. No one likes to be notorious and so we put on a different face.We restrict ourselves from eating a lot, from laughing out loud, singing when we want, speaking whatever we like, no we are conscious about who is around us and that we don't bring up a bad reputation of ourselves. We like to pretend that we are at the best outside.Even when we are smiling to someone we will be steaming with anger inside. But at home we express ourselves out. When we enter home we leave out the protection of make belief us, the conscious us and we just be ourselves.
    Just like we leave outside our footwear so that no dirt enters home, we also leave behind the fake side we have so that we are true and ourselves at home.
    Even in songs where the hero sings to his lover to leave behind the floral footwear and step inside with your bare feet into my crafted mansion, the only meaning is to leave behind the pretension you have for the rest of the world and just be yourself when you come to me , that the hero will accept the true self of her even with any ornaments of behavior or pretension the world prefers to see her with.

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    Manoj Kumar,
    Only the title is about leaving the chappals , Sankaran Sir have used a metaphor, read the whole article you will understand that it is not about leaving your chappals at the doorstep.

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    I am sorry to note the contents of the response (#6165) by Mr.K.K. Manojkumar. Please try to 'wear your chappals' when you are reacting with public or even with friends.

    I am happy the answer referred in my comment above has been removed by the Editor. Thanks.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    This post will be worthwhile if it is read by people other than malayalees. There are very few men who keeps a single and great personality with themselves. So, its better to think about ourselves and maintain a decent personality with others.
    No one in this world is perfect. So, if we try to become a man whom other would respect, then everyone will follow your way. Best wishes.

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