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    Thousands of children initiated into the world of letters

    On the Vijaya dasami day thousands of kids were initiated into the world of letters, as usual this year also. The Navarathri (nine nights) set apart for worshipping Saraswathy Devi, the Goddess of knowledge, ends with this Vidyarambham (the beginning of study) day. The Vidyarambham is held at different centres including several temples.
    As per reports, at Thunchanparampu, Thirur in Malappuram district of Kerala 4,416 kids were initiated into the world of letters. Thunchanparampu is the place where Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language was born and brought up.
    It will be interesting to find out how many of these children will be studying in Malayalam medium schools when they are grown up and become eligible for school education, at least as a respect to the great father of Malayalam.
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    Children stepping into the world of letters is a wonderful experience in temples and institutions arranging the function. It is just simply fun watching the little hands grasped in metier hands drawing letters in the rice or sand. The elders introducing the little toddlers and the naughty wrestlers is a hard task for sure. They cry hell out of their little bodies to struggle from the grasps and go play in the sand.But its amazing the way they are interested at the ceremony as well . Many of them are just too careless to learn and the many others are so interested into writing letters that they rush in to draw in the rice. The ceremony is very entertaining as we brush our sights past the faces of the many young ones writing their first alphabets.

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    This is a good news.
    Nowadays most of the clildrens are studying. So thal will increase our culture. But if we go to 10 years back, very difficult to find +2 passed peoples in kerala. But another negetive point is childrens are addicted to drugs, alcohols and cigars etc. So parents are very anxious about childrens. Any way due to prevention of pan masalas makes the reduction of drugs. But not completely. We can only pray for a good generation.


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