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    Plans afoot for filling up paddy fields in Kerala

    Kerala Government is going ahead with the idea of bringing Land Use Law with provisions for filling up paddy fields under the law's protection. The argument is that all the paddy fields need not be protected, only those where rice is cultivated two times a year need to be protected. Others can be converted as land for other purposes like industrial or commercial or housing purposes.

    Provision to convert the paddy land is indirectly given in the proposed law through the nominal fine suggested for defying the Law. One need pay Rs.10,000/- or undergo one year's imprisonment !

    It is reported that this immediate action to bring this law is to pave way for certain projects proposed at the Emerging Kerala sitting.
    This new law will nullify the existing paddy field – wet land protection laws. In Kerala there are only a few paddy fields at present where two crops are taken annually.
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    This is a disaster! This is simply to aid the leveling of paddy fields and nothing else . Seriously even individuals can pay the fine sum without delay and easily level any paddy field around. Such condition in Kerala is appalling. Now you tell me the world has just gone mad and I am ready to believe you. Forgetting one's culture and mode of living is driving me speechless. Earlier every politician was a personal defender of paddy fields and now they have just turned against it. The world is getting crazier each day and even paddy fields can't survive!

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    Paddy is our basic food. But nowadays no malayalees are interested to plant paddy. So we need to buy other states rice for food. Another problem is fertilizers. Endosulphan like fertilizers makes many deseases. This will trouble whole nearest peoples. I think large planting of paddy makes good in our atmosphere and our health. So there is a new project from government to attract planting with peoples. Otherwise paddy fields are ended in kerala.

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    Endosulfan is not used for paddy. It is mainly used for cardamom and cashew like crops.

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    I am not asking about paddy. I am asking about generally. And thanks for the information.

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