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    Enquiry regarding Reward programs

    Dear sir,

    I would like to know whether I can participate in the reward programs by spiderkerala and what are the procedures for participating in contests.
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    Here any member can participate in any of the contestants and there is no screening about it. The only rule is that you follow the rules of Spiderkerala. Looking forward for your participation here. All the best.

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    Thank you so much Gayatri, But I am new to Spiderkerala and I can't make out how I can participate in such programs,where I can find the postings etc.

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    Jeena, when ever a new such reward program is introduced in forum section you can see the post right at at the top in forums list . You can participate just like you post comments in the forum.

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    Gayatri thanks a lot for your guidance.

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    You are always welcome Jeena.

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    Is there any shedule for conducting contests?. I cannot finding any running contests in tagged forum threads. All are ended. I am also new in this site. So I am very interested to participate new contests.

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    There is like no time schedule or any kind of interval for a competition to be introduced. In fact the last one was the first one I saw after coming into Spiderkerala. Its just that when a new competition is announced anyone in here can participate. After all it is for the members to participate these competitions are held.

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